Suzuki NMEA 2000 : Complete Install For Outboards

Suzuki NMEA 2000 : Complete Install For Outboards

This video will show the complete process from beginning to end from finding the SDS main connector, making a wire extension, to connecting the NMEA 2000 network on my boat. This process should be very similar no matter which boat you have.

Special thanks to Monnlighter 475 for his knowledge and instructions to make this network possible.
Before attempting this install, refer to his instruction for special requirements; here’s the link :

You can save some money by making your own SDS wire harness, which is very easy to do, but you will need to read Moonlighter’s instructions to find the parts required to do so.

***In my video I mention “I am not making the SDS wire harness”. What I meant to say is I am not making the SDS plugs.

MOTOR : 2018 Suzuki DF60AV
BOAT: Arima Sea Chaser 16
UNIT : Garmin echoMap Plus 74cv

* Suzuki SDS Adapter : 990c0-88136
* Suzuki OEM SMIS Engine Interface Cable (V3.5) : 990C0-88149-354
* Garmin MEA200 Starter Kit: 010-11442-00

** I give no warranties that this will work for you or will not destroy your electronics. Install at your own risk.

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Craig Clifford says:

Hi SoCal Sea Chaser, Yes I do mean the female connector on the engine, cheers

Craig Clifford says:

Hi SoCal Sea Chaser, I have been looking at this for some time but until now have not been able to get much info, I have Suzuki 2012 Df 140 and the engine connector has different colour wires than that described in your vid, mine are (looking at connector) top left (black), top right (yellow, orange stripe), bottom left (white /grey), bottom right (yellow), are you able to tell me the wires I would need to utilize, cheers mate

Chad Thibodeaux says:

Do you have a list of parts and part #’s you used?
I also have a Suzuki that I’d like to connect with my Garmin plotter

Kirill Dudarenko says:

Why you just not extract pins from connector and pass a cable through?

J's Outdoor Adventures says:

In order to properly marine solder wires or just solder in general, use the iron to heat the wiring up and “suck” the solder into the wire splice area. Just touching the iron tip to the solder to melt it into the wires is a very poor practice and it won’t hold long and cause corrosion because the solder didn’t “absorb” into the wire. Anyone who wants to do this I highly suggest you watch a video on proper soldering techniques.

Gerardo Guzman says:

Thabks bro, this is my next project is there a way to reach you with some questions??

Josh Craig says:

What gauge wire did you use for the SDS harness?

beaulster says:

Isn’t Moonlighter amazing! Thanks for putting this together. Love it. Subbed!

Eagle Aquatics says:

Great video! Are you able to see the engine hours as well?

reggie74 says:

You are a life saver bro… Thank you for the video…Merry Christmas…..

Kc Martin says:

I have a question, on the back of your suzuki tachometer there is a 4 prong plug did that tie into one of the plugs on the interface?

Casey Guynes says:

What size wire to make the sds adapter longer? Can you use butt connectors instead of solder?

Cesar Cortes says:

Great video bro.
Wondering if my 1999 honda is compatible with my garmin echomap… ima have to check it out.
This video will be so helpful. Thanks!

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