Suzuki Lt250r Water Pump Repair

Suzuki Lt250r Water Pump Repair

This week I wanted to do a short little video covering replacing the water pump seals. I have seen alot of people asking questions regarding the mechanical seal. Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe!!!



relese_thebeast72 says:

So your saying that holes suposed to be there and people cover it up cause they don’t want to know it has a bad seal and feel like replacing it? Or is it suposed to be covered

Joseph Holguin says:

Hey man I live in Cali and it’s hard to find parts for my 1991 lt250r Suzuki

Brandon Bowman says:

You should of showed how to insert oil seal open side down or up from water pump view

Charles adkins says:

how can I contact u

Mike Walls says:

Do have the front fairing for sale. I have a 92 lt250r

Shane Franklin says:

I rebuilt the pump on my 500 with the same problem, weep hole leaks and I replaced the oil seal, mechanical seal and a new shaft. Well, a good used one anyway. Only thing is it still leaks coolant into the crank. I noticed the bolt that holds the impeller on doesn’t have the rubber seal anymore. Would that be why my coolant is leaking into the crank?

gilligan Zach says:

Do u have any parts left

Jay Z says:

Thank you for your videos. It's hard finding anything for the LT series 250r/500r. Again THANK YOU!

Central Washington sportsmen says:

When this seal is out does it cause coolint to mix with your oil?

duane speck says:

thanks man, this video saved me a lot of money.. I have a question, when should I change my water pump shaft?

Destiny Santillan says:

Are you selling the clutch cover for the lt250??

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