Suzuki Alto / Nissan Pixo Gearbox Removal Repair and Replacement

Suzuki Alto / Nissan Pixo Gearbox Removal Repair and Replacement

How to remove and replace a gearbox on a Seventh generation Suzuki Alto or Nissan Pixo.
This particular car is a 2014 car with 27,000 miles. It is the seventh generation HA25 and practically identical to the badge engineered Nissan Pixo. Fitted with the 998cc KA10B 3 cylinder petrol engine and the 5 speed manual gearbox.
In some markets this car might also be called the Mazda Carol or Suzuki Celerio. The gearbox might be called the YC5 or AMF310.

The bearing kit for this box on ebay:

If you can find a reputable gearbox specialist near where you live and have the bearings changed or have the gearbox overhauled but it will cost more. The bearings that went into this gearbox were KOYO bearings. Debate could rage as to whether i should have changed the other bearings and synchros within this box but they all looked and sounded fine.

My attempt at showing the gearbox input shafts being changed, ie a slower version of what appears in this video:

The jazzy soundtrack that appears in the video is from



Joop Timisela says:

Great video
I have two Suzuki Alto's, one from 2009 (180000km) and one from 2010 (115000km).
Luckily no problems with the gearboxes. I did change the oil on both of them but didn't find any metal in the oil. Just a little bit on the magnetic drainplugs.
The Suzuki manual recommends changing it every 45000km. The preffered oil viscosity according to Suzuki is 75W90.
I did not know that there where any problems with these gearboxes.
Again great video.
Greetings from Holland

Tim Law says:

Does anyone know the I'd number for this box ?

San San says:

Could you please make a video on various sensors this car and their cleaning, location where they are. Your videos are good , makes us confident of what we are watching is reliable.

San San says:

what is the qty and grade of gear oil that is to be added , my car has done 76000 kms . I would want to use synthetic oil if allowed.

San San says:

Subscribed it….i have the same car right hand drive….

San San says:

Great job from India…

Yuri Goosen says:

Nice job…lot of work. i need to inspect the starter for slow cranking, probably replace you think it's possible to do without removing the intake manifold?
I was hoping to be able to reach it by removing the alternator and intake resonatorbox only..what do you think?

Mohammad Turkman says:

You are a Reaaaal Talented man. really enjoyed it. Many thanks.
Just a question, I have a manual 2011 Suzuki alto, one day when I was driving it on the second transmission, I tried to change to the third transmission but it I couldn't, the same 5th and R and 1st either. Later I find out when I move and hold the gear on the first transmission it does work but I can feel the gear is not all the way in the 1st transmission (does it make sense?) and then when I want to move it to the second I have to put pressure to do it( I feel it chew). and again the same for the third as the first and the forth same as the second. so based on your knowledge and experience can you help me to figure out why that happened.
knowing that, I took it to a mechanical boy and he thought for the first while the problem in the transmission plastic, but later he found out not. and then he told me, he might need to check the gear box and it ganna cost me alot but the problem that I feel he just wanna try not based on knowledge. can you help me with my question please??

Teds World says:

Holy moly been driving my 09 Pixo like I stole it for 11 years. It is starting to make a noise like rusty rubbing brakes (not that) when rolling with clutch lifted. Hoping its just wheel bearings and not this! Gear oil needs changing every 10 years your video was useful for that. Thanks.

311hwr says:

i just bought one, god help me!

Drosser says:

Snap! I bought a 2012 Pixo (80,000 miles) at the car market for my granddaughter. It was in decent – not brilliant – condition and was very cheap. I also had that sinking feeling when I drove it home. Grinding, mainly in low gears – also very clutch is not brilliant. There were other, easily repairable, issues which I expected. I do not have hydraulic ramps but do have a pit and an engine support bar – not as good but should be achievable. Also little experience of gearboxes – changed them but have not stripped them. It would be brilliant if you could upload your gearbox overhaul at normal speed. There are some Asian videos on YouTube but I do not speak the language and most are for earlier models. P.S. Loved the test run in NI countryside – reminds me of my youth (many years ago) around the Limavady area. I notice that the ebay kit had jumped to £99.74 – still o.k. though

Robin Dodds says:

Great job sir

FrankypankyV8 says:

Awesome job!

Suzuki's are known for their bad gearboxes (also Swift).

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