Mike's Suzuki Vitara Gets a Turbo!! — Turbo Install PT1

Mike's Suzuki Vitara Gets a Turbo!! — Turbo Install PT1

After 18 months of sitting on shelf we install Mikes turbo kit




Paul Condie says:

Future reference, a brass wire wheel on a drill is a very easy and efficient way to clean mating surfaces! Absolutely love the build!

Mi Dixie Wrecked says:

Ba-tree tray??

dini hjosli says:

Where can i get turbo kit for vitara?we got a same car and engine

•6IXS• says:

Im sure hes smiling at 25:31

Henkewtf says:

looks like there is a hole in the pickup mesh

Magdalena Cetta says:

Impressive idea

Saeed Aldoobi says:

Hi.. I'm mr. Saeed. I want turbo kit for Suzuki Jiminy 1.3._can i get that from you.. Thanks.

Jagaimo Joe says:

What did you do fuel wise? Everything else stock besides turbo

Maurice Van der Veen says:

Does this go on a 8v?

Alex Aaa says:

Hello where did you find the kit??

Valentin Sakutov says:

Is the front diff housing Aluminium or Steel

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