Installing BRAND NEW 25hp SUZUKI OUTBOARD – Detailed How To

Installing BRAND NEW 25hp SUZUKI OUTBOARD – Detailed How To

We’re taking you through the entire process of installing a brand new Suzuki 25 hp, model is the DF25ATLW. This is motor has electric start, power trim and tilt, and it’s fuel injected for easy starts and smooth running. We cover unboxing the motor, mounting it on the transom, drilling and bolting the motor on, installing the controls at the engine and on the boat, and more! Please subscribe if you find our videos helpful!

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mojimx11 says:

Great video, took away my fear of doing my own installation!

markosalami2 says:

What torque spec do you need to tighten the transom mounting bolts to? Can't seem to find a specification for my DF30?

Chad Felmet says:

Got a brand new '21, 30hp! This confirmed a few things for me. (Was really wishing you showed how to hook a tach!) But nonetheless, great video. Thank you!

James Jones says:

I'm buying the exact engine. I've never installed one before so I'm going to watch your clip a bunch of times

Ken Hesselbacher says:

Thanks for the detailed video, big help. How do I get a 6 pack to you?

David Glenn says:

Very helpful nice job

Audwin T. says:

This was a very big help in installing my new 25hp Suzuki 🙂 I saw that there are two diagrams for the swing arm steering installation. You went with the DF20/25 diagram. The diagram for the DF25A/30A which is mounted on top of the motor steering plate was problem free to install. Also I used a 31/64" drill bit for snug holes through the transom, with marine silicone to make them water tight. You really saved me lots of problems with my install! Many thanks for a great video!


Great video!

J O says:

Something therapeutic and educational about watching these come together into a working boat again , as a new used pontoon owner , thanks for the videos !

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