How To: Suzuki King Quad 300 Rear Brake Job Shoe Replacement

How To: Suzuki King Quad 300 Rear Brake Job Shoe Replacement

Hey Everyone, Replacing the Rear shoes on my 1997 King Quad 300 to have safe breaking again. I prefer the front brakes on these bikes because the cable operated can be very problematic with the metal shaft sliding through the aluminum housing it causes seizing and stuck brakes. Thanks for watching and enjoy. Josh

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Steven Wright says:

I just purchased a 1992 Suzuki king quad 300 and I’m have issues find the right rear inner u joint can anyone please HELP ME

Evan Kniolek says:

What tires are those? They are nice and knobby


Awesome i have a 86 quadrunner LTD 230 GE should be close to the same way How do u adjust the pedal maybe do a video on this

rip rap says:

The 300 king quad is a tank

AngryChairNoExcuses says:

4 people can’t figure out the difference between likes and dislikes.

contactjrnow says:

Again, very handy video. I am an IP licensed mechanic but never worked on 4 wheelers. The factory manual is helpful for specs but crap for procedures. I get more info from your videos than the manual, including a complete engine/tranny tear down, inspection, and reassembly. Had to do the rear brake set today. Getting Suzy parts in Kingston Ontario is a challenge. No real dealers around here, unless you know of one. Again, thanks dude.

Chris Eberts says:

Josh, your KQ 300 videos inspire me to work on my '96–and make me feel happy I bought mine 10 years ago. I'm replacing my rear brake shoes. I know there are lots of after-market shoes, but I also need a few Suzuki-specific parts. I also live in Ontario and if the YouTube gods don't object, can you tell me where you buy your Suzuki parts? Thanks for the great videos!

Alexander Outdoors says:

Thx for the vid. Do you have the torque specs for the nuts?
Thx, Erik

Skippy the Punk says:

Great job, and much-appreciated guidance!

D W says:

You're awesome, the best KQ300 channel, imho. Thank you for taking the time to teach your skills! Much appreciated.

Paul Corkum says:

On your rear brake change for your 300 king quad what is the part number for the shoes and springs?. I just picked up a 2004 and I am guessing they are the same. Need to replace mine.

MudAndHonor says:

The shaft that the lever/cable uses to spread the shoes is froze up in the backing plate….any suggestions?

jonathan hanson says:

Again, very helpful thank you

Jake Eller says:

Thank you for all of your videos. Extremely helpful and insightful. Do you have any suggestions on aftermarket modifications such as jet kit, bore kit, led lighting, etc. now that I’m up and running id like to upgrade atv

Thomas C. Pellicer says:

I have been watching your videos great info keep it up .

Thomas C. Pellicer says:

I have 1995 Suzuki quadrunner Ltf250 2wd could you email me the wiring Diagram that shows the color of the wires please . Just pick it up for $200 . It will not start up . Don't know much about it. Can't tell if the Ignition is on or off . Email me at

berniebgf says:

Just purchased two of these quad, some work to do…..keep the vid's coming, they are very helpful.

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