How to install LED Flasher Relay on a Suzuki DRZ 400 S, SM by TST Industries

How to install LED Flasher Relay on a Suzuki DRZ 400 S, SM by TST Industries

Our plug-and-play Suzuki spec relay will fix your fast flash rate problem caused by aftermarket signal lights and/or integrated taillight. For more info see:

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If your signal lights flash too fast this part is your solution!! It is very easy to install and does not require any special tools…it plugs right into the harness. This component works with the following signal configurations: 1. All stock 2. Stock taillight, aftermarket signals 3. Integrated taillight, stock signals 4. Integrated taillight, aftermarket signals. We designed this part to fit exactly like the OEM part so the installation is a snap.



Levi Meath says:

Will this work on a Suzuki DR650?

jacob lewis says:

Will this relay work for a 2007 DRZ400E? notice the video only says S/SM.

George Elliott says:

Hi – i have a mixture of LED front and normal back indicators which are double time flashing – will a new relay sort the issue? Ta

Tobogan says:

Will this work for your reartail tidy kit for this bike? I remember your install video for the tail light saying you need to purchase the relay so your blinkers aren’t blinking too fast

LizardMane says:

Does this also effect the rear turn signals? Or is there a separate one?

Camron Wolff says:

Will this flasher relay work for both front and back turn signals?

Winger says:

Should I install this if I get your integrated taillight or would it not be needed?

WheeliePete says:

Is the turn signal indicator lamp still working on the dash? No need for a diode?

Stan Wilhite says:

I'm going to buy a relay, do you know where it's located on a Suzuki VS1400 Intruder? Thanks in advance, Stan

Mike S says:

Where can i get signal light mounts like the one in this video?

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