How to install an LED Flasher Relay on a Suzuki GSX-S1000 by TST Industries

How to install an LED Flasher Relay on a Suzuki GSX-S1000 by TST Industries

Fix your fast flash rate with our simple to install LED Flasher Relay. This relay will allow you to slow your signaling rate down to the OEM speed. It is also fully adjustable so you can fine tune the flash rate to your liking. For more info see:

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If your signal lights flash too fast due to aftermarket lights this part is your solution!! Installation is simple as it plugs right into the harness.

This component works with the following signal configurations: 1. All stock 2. Stock taillight, aftermarket signals 3. Integrated taillight, stock signals 4. Integrated taillight, aftermarket signals.

The relay comes preset to 85 cycles per minute. You can alter the flash rate to make it faster or slower. If you slip off the grey cover you can access an adjuster that will enable you to change the flash rate to your liking.

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G N says:

How about for 2022 gsxs 1000? Will this relay work on it? If so, where's the location to replace it?

Luigi says:

Could this relay work on a 2020 Katana?

deebasny says:

where can i buy for gsx1000s led relay ?

Tiago Correia says:

Works on GSX-S750 2018?

eli2798 says:

is the gsx s750 is the same relay and the same place?

llToNzxll says:

Can I just adjust the old relay? Or is it nonadjustable?

bobby smith says:

What's wrong with the OEM faster better in my opinion

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