HOW TO Change the Levers (on a Suzuki GSX650F)

HOW TO Change the Levers (on a Suzuki GSX650F)

Another quick easy video on how to change the levers on the Suzuki GSX650F. You could probably even do it with a pair of grips or a spanner/wrench if you don’t have a socket set.
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Papibaja says:

Need help cj the little metal bar end is loose is it supposed to be like that on the clutch cable

Roy Toal says:

Just be careful on Suzukis that the clutch switch still works with your new levers

DonPedro says:

Nothing complicated. I changed mine with no manual.

Prod Igy says:

Is changing the brake lever the same way?

iPhil says:

CJ this is mean 😀
i asked for it in september or so…
you told me (ok you helped me anyway :D) you won't make a video about xD

if i am allowed to suggest you some levers V-TREC if you have them in your country ! they are affordable and looks super cool

DLzG says:

This comes in handy because I want to change them in a few weeks. I thank you big times, CJ.

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