DIY SUZUKI GSXR 600/750 Explaining the TPS

DIY SUZUKI GSXR 600/750 Explaining the TPS

If you’re wondering if the TPS and STPS are the same, yes they are. You could swap them and have the bike run exactly the same after proper alignment of both. The TPS and STPS connector as exactly the same except for one is black and the other is gray. Signal wire for the TPS is Pink while the STPS signal wire color is Yellow both, have an input voltage of 5 volts, both connect to ground. My question is since they are the same part then why does the Suzuki dealership charge you two different prices for each, TPS $110/ STPS $120… don’t believe me, test the resistance for yourself.

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TheRuthlessMerk says:

I'm having a problem with my 2007 GSXR 750 where everytime I'm climbing rpms all of a sudden it cuts power drops rpms to 0 then goes back to its actual rpms it was before. happens mostly every gear when I'm rolling on throttle if anyone knows what it could be before I start switching parts out

yes sir says:

Do I push in to get the connector? I’ve destroyed mine trying to get the connector off

André Andrade - SRAD 750 says:

I am from Brazil I have a bike of the same model as your K5 with error -C14 and we were unable to identify the defect, we have already changed the TPS the error disappears and after a few miles running back it appears, this defect fails and cuts the accelerator, you have an idea Can be ?

Grace Yang says:

Really helpful, looking forward to ep.2!

Orfanel Araujo says:

You’re name is legendary bro you just explained my exact issue

Rambobuky Laoprombobu says:

Get Help How does Gen 2 c40 code issue solve? _C00

Courtney Pannell says:

I hear u can bypass the sec buttefly

Matt Lewis says:

This is amazing thank you

charlie james says:

Heres you a question i got a 01 gsxr600 turn key on butterfly flaps move then go in place and start eletronic hum noise bike will only barley idle for few seconds run rough when it does . Any idea??

Kawosz90 says:

Thanks bro, I didn't know about it 😀 I was about to buy a new sensor…ufff

Kawosz90 says:

I set STPS resistance as it is written in the instructions on 0.6 on the closed throttle and on 4.50 on the open throttle and damn it I dont get it. 1.10 closed, and only open throttle 4.50 evenly wtf :p did you work out perfectly as in the guide?

chucky 7923 says:

I sent you video link I got the line in center of coo but wen I pull throttle it stay in center can I get some help

chucky 7923 says:

Hey can you make a video on how to replace the tps cause the line next to the coo code is on top wen the bike is not running but wen it's running it's in the middle and wen I pull the throttle it jumps to top then back to middle wen I let go of the throttle

WASHINGTON Peluka says:

My question: In a 2001 Suzuki Katana Gsx750f carbureted what is the ORIGINAL setup value ?
Thanks in advance!

Nicholas Lerias says:

thanks for the video, I'm getting C29 error, I'm assuming the STPS is bad, previous owner removed the secondary butterflies, can I splice the STPS wires into the primary TPS to get rid of the error code since they use approximately the same voltages? Do you know if this would mess up the way the bike rides at all? I'd assume not considering the butterfly valves are removed anyway; I'm just not sure if the false TPS signal to the ECM would affect the ride

Adventure Slim! says:

Do you still how this bike I got mine used but the fuel line was shortened and I was wanting to find out the length it’s supposed to be and it’s routing the line is kinked and I want to replace it and route it so it don’t kink

Constantin Levitchii says:

nice boy tanks

Get Cheesed N Grow Weed says:

I have no room to get to it on my 06 600 it's literally behind the frame. What's up with that

2 Wheels No Problems says:

What’s up bro. My 07 gsxr600 is cutting back around 8 to 10 rpms in ever gear. Could this be the problem? I already replaced the fuel pump


You are an absolute Guru. Thanks for this well thought out explanation!

Shakil Ahmed Suhi says:

Thanks for video,plz help how to check thromba

Matt Miles says:

My gsxr1000k3 runs bad but once its over 4000 rpm its ok it bogs and cuts out when you rev it really slowly i pulled the tps plug off when bike was running and its so much better can rev slowly no problem. Would you say my problem is the tps as its so much better when i unplug it £166 for new tps i just want to make sure plz any advice would be great ty

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