difference between ABS vs Normal disk brakes #shorts

difference between ABS vs Normal disk brakes #shorts


@PramodShetty says:

So, you mean pulling front brakes with ABS will not skid the bike?

@christianperez3320 says:

The one on the right would of stopped just fine if it didn't have them antlers

@sureshsuthar2852 says:

First one has also abs plate

@markmiller5577 says:

No one brakes like that in the wet

@viralreels2643 says:

On the right side the rider was using engine breaking look at his leg

@ArunVijayakumar-g8l says:

With ABS Testing OK ,, but Without ABS testing is fake (cheating) ,because he dont do the downnig in without ABS ,See the difference in gear change

@jeremyusry1379 says:

You could also just learn how to drive. ABS is only necessary due to a lack of driving skills.

@kevinwest3689 says:

One of these days I'm going to have to put front breaks, blinkers, a horn, A windshield, A Stereo, GPS, Heated seat and grips, Auntie locke breaks, And a starter. On my old shovelhead. Just to be safe. I mean i've done fine without that the last thirty years but I don't want to press my luck.

@Porsche996driver says:

The most important thing to remember about a motorcycle or a car with ABS is that YOU CAN STILL TURN, the ABS will still prevent lock up and you can avoid any obstacles in front of you.

@borringguy1006 says:

Heres the thing i can understand not wanting abs in a car, hell i actually prefer my car without it or TC because i prefer to have more control not less, but on a bike its fucking mandatory

I dont wanna hear "well a true rider would never lock their brakes in the first place" from some sunday riders whos highest stress situation theyve ever faced with their bike is the dmv

The ammount of times shit has hit the fan and me hit the brakes on instinct just for them to lock and fuck me up can not be counted, you could never convince me to get on a street legal bike without abs

@Squishysforbreakfast says:

I thought that rider was a god until the second angle.

@adamborowski5846 says:

hard to not notice it…. plsatic on watery pavement or asphalt is slippery, and those plastic wheels offload rubbert that could grip the ground, letting it slide as well…

I am for scientific method, I don't think this is perfect example of why ABS is worth it tho.

the mere fact, that the guy twisted the wheel allready kinda made it slip to side, so I'd like them to show much more representative cases instead…. especially since if he'd twist steering wheel without those wheels he'd just fall IRL

@Fate5591 says:

Please dont try this at home

@MuscleVirus says:

Don't need ABS, just learn how to apply the brakes the same way an ABS would do.
Not too many experienced riders no more cause of electronics.

@wasr1091 says:

How do I get this job

@MrBlompod says:

I want to see cornering abs tested like this and traction control..

@pedrorezende4873 says:

You can break better without abs on dry surfaces if you do it correctly. On rain and dirt is probably almost impossible to match abs

@Enoiye says:

always thought bikes only had back breaks

@T0MM1XD says:

I have to be careful with braking because my old bike doesn't have ABS!

@user-mo5qc1hk3x says:

The question is, would you brake like that without ABS. I rode for years without it and only locked the rear for a split second once. If you don't have it, just train or would you like to scrap every bike without it?

@OutlawCaliber13 says:

No ABS on mine. The first part, and I'm like so you can stay upright? I went down the other day because of this, though it was a brake malfunction. I'm running it through my head how could I have stayed upright. Couldn't think of a way. Then I see this guy has training wheels. lol

@TheToekutter says:

I remember when ABS on bikes started to become the norm. All my riding friends were like "Bruh, I can outbrake ABS, yo!" This is what ABS is made for, emergency, oh ____! type moments, not trying to casually stop faster on a sunny day.

@waggas0349 says:

Donc en vrai tu roules comme un connard surtout avec l’ABS et tu ne risque jamais rien ?

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