ALUMINUM soft top trim! Replace the Plastic junk! GEO TRACKER SUZUKI SIDEKICK @Hwy83 SUZUKI

ALUMINUM soft top trim! Replace the Plastic junk! GEO TRACKER SUZUKI SIDEKICK @Hwy83 SUZUKI

In this video I demonstrate the process of how to replace the commonly damaged plastic soft top trim with a much stronger alternative. These aluminum top trim pieces can be fabricated for under $20 and will last a lifetime. Step by step instructions on how to make them will save you time money and frustration! Subscribe to our channel for more videos. To order parts please visit our online store or call text 262-470-6425. link to store @Hwy83 SUZUKI



Reynaldo Santiago says:

Thanks man, it cost me $245 and didn't like gonna try that.

jim Eberle says:

Are you selling these yet ? Sure could use a pair for my 96 Geo Tracker,

Steve Elienhauer says:

Do you sale them? If you do how much? Thanks

Big Daddy Weldz says:

This saved my life

Roger Branch says:

Ya buddy thanks

Daq the Don says:

Do you sell these?

Octave Mutt says:

I really appreciate this! I'm hoping I can make one and put it on soon! Are you planning on making a video for the L trim too? It would help me a lot.

Alexander Marsh says:

I'm having problems finding the vertical mounts. Only thing I found was someone selling the entire set made out of fiberglass for 400$. fml. At this point I'm just going to go with the Rally Top sport top for it.

underwaterman says:

im looking at a vitara tomorrow

JER1334 says:

Have u put up any for sale yet? I need the ones on this video and the harder L shaped ones

Shlomo Alon says:


Is there anyone here who can provide vendor names and addresses for buying a BESTOP soft roof?

Trey Holt says:

This is life changing

Sue F says:

I was going to ask you can i put 31s with 15×8 wheels with one inch lift with wheels adapters or i problably go with 15×10 wheels with 0 offset thanks im only looking for the bulk look i think i can but i will like a second opinion

Rob Ormiston says:

Any recommendations on what product to use to condition my top? It kinda curled up and the Velcro is not sticking because it so dry and curled. The top is a Best top soft top and is pretty good shape and don't leak just look ugly. I took a small steamer to it and it worked to take the curls out for a day lol. I live in Washington State.

midnight grovers says:

Question. i have are sidekick my rim's are 15 i have 205 .75 tiers on it. But i can't get 205 . And i would like to put some mud grip. What number can i get?Am not getting 205.

snapper mower gaming says:

all we need now is a back window fix

Red says:

Hey question, will a soft top from a 1993 geo tracker fit on a 1995 geo tracker?

Auto Time Travel says:

I didn't believe in heroes before I saw this video. Marvel Comics characters can't even hold a candle to this dude! My beat up Geo Tracker and I thank you for saving our world… Now off to Home Depot for some aluminum channel.
Sincerely; Thor. a.k.a. The God of Thunder

Mary Wood says:

Once again, you guys positively rock the house! And you must have peeked at my 'Kick to see what video to make next, because this is just what I needed. <3

deemee44 says:

Do you make the L shaped ones?

Harold Brown says:

Thanks Tony, U da man

Jazmen Pua'Olena says:

Cool! Did you put them up for sale yet? I would like to purchase 2 of them for each side please!

richsg15 says:

This dude comes in clutch.

Монтаж Видео RANZEZ 2 says:

Hello, can I make a trailer with a splash screen for you, do you need for the channel?___

Luis Lopez says:

They see these on my tracker… price just went up!! Know what I’m saying?!

Paul Thompson says:

I need to figure this out for '99+

Justin Pater says:

You should make one on a hood for a tracker my hood is just facked can’t figure out how to make it flush

TheHelado36 says:

One inch by how much ?

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