2005 Suzuki GSXR 750 Part 2 C28 Code STVA Fix

2005 Suzuki GSXR 750 Part 2 C28 Code STVA Fix

Part 2 video walks you through the steps of fixing the STVA unit and shows you how your bike is supposed to perform without the troubling issue.

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mike blue says:

Who can do this repair for me on my 2005 gsxr 750 I’ll give you $75 and I love in Spring Lake N.C. Leave a comment down below please and thank you

flex says:

Thank you for such detail! I have a code 28 that I have to deal with

Dylan Rithamel says:

Alright so this all worked almost perfect the first 3 gears are good but i feel like 4th and 5th gear dont have the full power like before and wnt rev really high, is this because i need to re adjust the throttle or should i try to resolder it or what do you think? I felt like when i changed into higher gears it would rev all the way high for a second an then wouldnt go past 11rpm. I got it to 140 mph but not 160mph like i normally can. Its like theres not alot of power in the higher gears

bimmer Dallas Bikers United D.B.U Cansino says:

This is 100% helpful bro thank u my buddy has this issue with his bike I'm about to go and see if I can fix the issue

capi gamer says:

Gracias desde mexico funciono muy bn gracias bro ¡¡¡¡¡

Jeremiah says:

Did the c28 cause your bike to over heat? Mine is over heating

andrew powell says:

Hi I have a cold start issue / no error codes TPS is in the correct position but I have the dynojet jet power commander would the power commander affect the cold start it’s fine once it’s warm I watch your install bid and saw that you tapped into the stva / stps any info would be ace bro

Marlon Joaquin Magno says:

Our gsxr has an error on stva..we already check the coupler resistance it's shows 7.3 ..can you help us how to fix if the reading is higher than the approximate limit?

Honda Rincon says:

2008 Suzuki Bergman 400 code 28. You want to fix mines ? Anyone ?

Kenneth Ford says:

James, the circuit board went bad on mine. No resistance. I ended up running solder wire externally. Runs better not using motherboard. I have 7.8ohms resistance at each pair of connectors.

Honda Rincon says:

I am having this problem now with my 2008 burgman 400 secondary throttle position C28

Tabitha Ramos says:

Hi bro where u get the valve ???

Michael Giles says:

I’m just having trouble trying to remove it from the case I know I can’t tug on the gear shaft

Ricardo ikrushsatanshead says:

What 4 wires go where their is the green white pink and black…what goes where for what u where working on

Nahum Henry says:

Nice vid bro, very helpful!

Rehan Sardar says:

Dear James,
I recently subscribed to yr channel and find your videos extremely helpful. I own a Suzuki boulevard M50 which also employs STVA. Can you pls advise if this component on the throttle body is also responsible for controlling the idle speed since the throttle body on the boulevard does not seem to hv a separate idle speed control valve like most cars or some bikes also hv. I ask because someone I know is having erratic idle speed issues. Already told him to check the TPS, STVA and vaccum lines. Many thanks.

Padawan 000 says:

Hello James i have a Problem with the c29 i have change now the stps and the stva the Code is now -c00 but the second throttle valves are still be open you can see it on ma Video please Help me what have i do wrong?
https://youtu.be/LyTSlAyqvX8 Link zum video

Grip & Bend Italia says:

Thanks man for your help! 😉

Igor Taleski says:

i took out the position sensor by mistake does anyone have information on how to set it up correctly

SLICK600 says:

Just didn’t this on my 600. Problem solve. Thanks man


Outstanding. You just saved me a bucket of $.

Brandon Thompson says:

Thanks man, worked perfectly

Triston Tharp says:

Just remove the butterflies. Doesn’t hurt anything. Just a little more low end torque

Vistian says:

Thank you James

Robert Sanchez says:

What's up bro. Hope all is well. I have the same exact problem, but what happened is I live on a hill, it rained pretty heavy last week, and the water filled the bottom part of my bike cover and the weight of the water took my bike out. So basically my bike was sitting in water for a few minutes until I picked it up. Yesterday I rode to work, and noticed the c28 code. I took the stva off and shook it and water came out of it. It's the same one in your video. But my bike is a 2016 gsxs1000. Should I open it as you did and check the parts inside, to see if the water messed it up? Im gonna check the butterflies too, but if they're not functioning properly, could it be the stva or you think it might be a different problem?

Austin Nonya says:

Bad ass tutorial dude. I have mine torn apart. Nothing looks burnt or broken but I’m going to resolder it anyways and see if that takes care of it.

Myles Bennett Dyson says:

2002 gsxr 600 the same procedure?

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