1980 Suzuki FZ50 Project – Part 15 – How To Install Tires

1980 Suzuki FZ50 Project – Part 15 – How To Install Tires


D. 4Tay says:

1983 Suzuki FA50…feel your pain.

maddmaxx636 says:

I miss the Helix videos! Oh that poor poor pizza box! What did it ever do you Brandon other than deliver you delicious pizza safely and intact for your enjoyment.

Erlend Dammen says:

How easy it is to fit a tire to these varies a lot from one tire to another. I have changed the rear tire on two of these, mine and my fathers and I first bought a tire that was so tight and stiff that I just had to give up, there was not a chance…. Bought two of a different brand, and it went pretty smooth.

Noped Thursday says:

"how hard could it possibly be?"  – famous last words but I'm only 11 minutes in.  Also a guy at a bike shop told me that the newer inner tubes contain less rubber and puncture more easily.  So if the old tube holds air, I just reuse it.  Yeah I looked at those tires and thought – those are going to be a beeyatch.

james42519 says:

what happened to honda videos? also tire lube aka soap and water in a spray bottle. that is what they use now. i have changed tire on a bike and still didn't like doing that.

Car Stuff 4 U says:

Been there done that! The $30 doesn't sound that bad, huh? 🙂 Usually when I do this job, I pinch the tube and don't realize until I'm done. ;(

Yi ‌ says:

I'm sure they're just fine in all reality but that bright plastic packing reminds me of one thing..

ZnenTitan says:

Why would you need inspection on a 50cc bike?

Evangeline Domenech says:

I love the Chinese music playing in the background.  Makes me want to order takeout.

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