WRX A/C Compresser Clutch & Pulley Remove and Install | How To

WRX A/C Compresser Clutch & Pulley Remove and Install | How To

We are replacing the A/C Compressor Pulley and clutch because it started making a terrible grinding noise when it would activate. This kit we bought was about $45 and seems to be like OEM style.

We have very limited tools and are just two people trying to fix a problem themselves, we aren’t professionals.

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Jeff Goris says:

Does this work on all EJ255 WRX engines?

blue thunder says:

Do you mind giving me the part number please.
I have an impreza 1.6 1998

JSA says:

The whole time I was thinking "Mine came with rings and spacers " lol

92Fox CarGuy says:

This video is something else… a comedy of errors… looks like you guys need to watch a video… I learned more from the many mistakes, than any info I would duplicate… I am impressed that a man and a woman could work on a car together…

opticledilusi0n says:

I watched this in horror.
When you do the job make sure you have snapring pliers, a magnet, a pulley puller, and feeler gauges. Keep the magnet near the snaprings when installing to avoid them flying away.

Rich Letsinger says:

Strongly suggesting watching this one instead, he doesn't break anything: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFC5jMhUm4s

cideanalgia says:

My brain hurts.

fshoji says:

i guess seeing how people fuck up will help you not fuck up like that

Track and Fish says:

How is it holding up? I've been following along and fixing my own compressor.

If you need spacers to reassemble the clutch I'm guessing your bearings weren't actually seated all the way and the snap ring wasn't locked in all the way around. I had to check and beat on the pulley a few times to get the bearings to clear the slot for the snap ring. The center was sticking out slightly past the pulley. No issues with clearance on reassembly after that.

Wak says:

the number on the bolts is a torque reference for each bolt. they are torqued to diff pounds and can be found in the manual

Joshua Delahoussaye says:

This was hilarious and also all the information I needed to do the job with confidence (and saved me like $750) Thanks!

Ciprian Mihaila says:

Hi. Does replacing the clutch solved the problem (noise)?

Guys being Dudes says:

That’s a serpentine belt. Not timing right ?

kovaro2end says:

Great video,

12:04 you should have transferred the clip from the old connector to the new one.

friskyanderson says:

omg….thanks for this.

Rob Roxas says:

Hi! Where did you guys the pulley from? Can you share the link?

tractor man TP says:

Hey guys, They do make a fairly inexpensive clutch removal kit and if you got some snap ring pliers next time would be little easier just some helpful hints from an old mechanic,

jonobuddy1 says:

are you markiplier's long lost cousin?

Cory B says:

Is this a STI or regular wrx? My a/c was also making a sound and now its gotten to the point where my a/c doesn’t even cool when on most the time and im fairly certain is just the clutch, not the whole compressor, that needs replacing. When I turn on my ac the clutch doesn’t even spin which is why it doesn’t cool obviously. Im having a hard time finding a clutch wrx, most im finding are for the sti.

ipponata hyuga says:

Officially subbed! By the way what year is your EJ255 wrx? Will this fit on 2013 wrx hatch? Cause i wanna make sure i get the right AC compressor pulley and clutch.I will follow your video as a guide, Thanks!

BaRuSu_BhOy says:

hi from the philippines, have the same issues my 2010 forester xt ac compressor making noise like screeching electricty, does this solve the problem? already order btw

Mike Masse says:

Great video

Dmitry Z says:

Numbers on th bolt means physical characteristics of the metal the bolt made of. Its needed to get proper momentum to torque it

Francois Loriot says:

Thanks for the video because according to the factory service manual it look like this part is not replaceable. Now how did you know the noise was not from compressor?

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