Trouble In The Auto Repair Industry: Improper Diagnosis. Honest Mistakes or Scamming?

Trouble In The Auto Repair Industry: Improper Diagnosis. Honest Mistakes or Scamming?

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Kay Powell says:

Same problems. Not sure who to trust anymore, including dealers. CAT was diagnosed but didn't believe. Cleaned MAF and changed PVC and no more codes/ issues,

Whitey_B says:

I was the lead diagnostic/electrical technician and I always hated when a vehicle came in from 1..2..3+ other shops that just didnt care about the quality of the jobs they did..the customers would already be defensive because what they have been having to deal with..
I usally was able to find the issues without too big an issue… but we all have to admit to making mistakes every so often.. I have… but i always told my techs mistakes dont make me mad.. but a car should never leave the shop with the same (or worse a new) issue..that's why we test drive.. make sure everything is good before we let it go….
There are absolutely techs out there who give us all a bad image…I hate that

keith angstadt says:

Left work a day last week and it was 11 degrees. On the way home I started to hear a noise from the passenger side front that sounded like a flat tire. I pulled over to check it out and all of my tires looked fine. Took it to a mechanic I usually go to who specializes in Subarus. We took it for a test drive and the sound was there, just much more faint. After I left he called me and said one of the other mechanics took it for a drive and couldn't hear anything. I told him I'll pick up the car and bring it back if it gets worse. On the way home The TPM light went on so I stopped and put air in the tires. They were all pretty low, less than 30 PSI in every tire. I filled them to 40 PSI and haven't heard the noise since for over a hundred miles. I was surprised because these guys are usually pretty good at diagnostics and I have a hard time believing that wouldn't have been the first thing they checked.

Ken Zaske says:

You covered the reason why I now do almost all my own work.

Jim says:

the local Nissan dealership scammed me with their "extended service" plan. bottom line, the $1500 I spent on the plan paid for 10 oil changes and one cabin filter change. I complained to Nissan Corp. and they would not do anything to help me, it was an issue with dealership, not Nissan Corp. Needless to say I wasn't happy and after speaking with the service manager at the dealership, they don't like me anymore. Seems I hurt some feelings down there with the type of language I used during our conversation. Will never buy another Nissan product.

Ed Krisiak says:

$1300 diagnosis repairs needed on my car by a Honda dealer. They tried to scare me by saying my brakes were metal to metal. Took it to my local mechanic. He checked everthing on the list provided by Honda. Everything was perfect. I spent $0 instead of $1300.

Thomas63r2 says:

The problem is that it is impossible for most mechanics to know the diagnostic tree for every car out there – as you point out, not all cars are the same actual problem for the same code. On one of my cars, a 2002 Lincoln Continental had multiple codes. A fresh battery cured many codes. The driver information center is giving dashboard messages for the ABS and “check transmission.” So I’m told the trans is slipping and needs rebuilding. I’ll spare the whole story, but the car’s actual problem was an ABS module not the transmission. This model does not have a VSS, and instead uses some fancy footwork calculating transmission turbine input shaft speed against wheel speed sensors to verify proper transmission operation. With the dead ABS module the PCM was not get a proper speed signal, so it went into a default mode that amongst other things flashes a check trans message on the dashboard.

Concerned Citizen says:

My wife took her 05 Sienna to the dealer for inspection. They proceed to tell her that she needs a radiator, valve cover gaskets, a timing belt replacement, etc. totaling approximately $5000. I had already performed all of that work prior to bringing it in. They presented this to her as though these items would fail inspection. They specifically listed the items as "fail" in the correspondence with her. We called the dealer and asked the guy point blank "what is needed to pass inspection and get the stickers". The answer was "nothing, the car passed inspection, but these items should be taken care of to prevent engine failure. We paid for the inspection and picked up the car. Doesn't lose a drop of oil or antifreeze.

Concerned Citizen says:

Took my 97 Legacy GT in for inspection a couple months ago. This is after having personally replaced all 4 struts, 4 wheel brakes/rotors, new steering rack (with inner tie-rod ends) and cat-back exhaust. The mechanic proceeds to tell me that for inspection I need Front Wheel bearings, my inner tie-rod ends are shot, my rear sway-bar bushings are missing and there is an exhaust leak. Absolutely none of that was true. There is a slight bit of noise in the transmission between 30 and 45 MPH. I was livid. I picked up the car and instead of making a scene at the Mavis store, I went home and called in. The service writer proceeded to tell me that he viewed the missing sway-bar bushings himself! This is after I already told them that I work on my own car! Long story short, the silver lining is that I found an honest mechanic nearby as I drove the car from Mavis to them and it passed without issue as THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE CAR to begin with.

Artic Char-LF says:

Two words to explain the lack of motivation in repair shops : poor salary
I prefer the backyard guy with no overhead spendings who is sharing his thought process through the diagnosis…

Boiled Toilet Water says:

Ugh so many newer techs I work with just wanna throw a part at the car after scanning faults. Luckily they at least go through the team leaders in the shop before trying to sell something.

Lee Altman Sr. says:

This is in all trades right now. Things are very complicated and techs are being a little lazy. Also as the customer doesn't know much it's easy to shaft them.

Dillan Boutin says:

My dad had a screw in his tire and it was deflating to 10 psi after two days. He went to the local chain shop where he purchased his tire originally. They said they patched the tire and rotated his tires. He left the car at the shop for 6 hours and it turns out they just aired up his tires and sent him on his way. Two days latter his tire was flat and it was the same tire in the same location they didn't even rotate the tires like they said.

Dillan Boutin says:

This is the problem I have with mechanics in my area. I might have a problem that I get diagnosed. It doesn't matter if it's a dealership, chain shop, independent shop, they will guess and fire off the parts cannon and see if it fixs the issue. The problem I have is if someone guesses that my MAF sensor is broken and needs replaced and estimates $400 for a $70 part that is held on by two screws and is wrong I'm out $400 and the issue isn't fixed. If I do it myself I'm out $70 and the issue still isn't fixed. The shop that quoted me $400 for a mass airflow didn't offer to clean it to see if that fixes the issue either.

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