Subaru Impreza & XV Crosstrek Radiator Replacement! Quick & Easy DIY!

Subaru Impreza & XV Crosstrek Radiator Replacement! Quick & Easy DIY!

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Rob S. says:

Nice job. In a bind here. Maybe you can offer advice. 2013 legacy 2.5 cvt here. Rookie here. Drained and was going to replace cvt trans 2 fluid
Over a few dump and fills. Did this on ramps. Not level. Got 6.75 quarts out. Tried to add same back and got 3.5 back in cold, cold on drain as well.
Doesn’t take anymore fluid. Now have it on jack stands.. still dripping out the 3.5 I got back in. Do I need to start this to distribute the fluid. Go through gears in order to get that missing fluid back in. Safe for the car. Sorry. Any help appreciated.

idiotgo says:

Ahaha, 9:16. 50% of my car repair time goes to finding small parts and tools in the dark abyss.

Paul Pongos says:

What are those straps on the radiator hold downs for?

Louis Minnaar says:

Clearly not well taken care of. Quick lube place. Non-subaru oil filter. Almost certain oil changes where skipped and a certainty the CVT oil has never been replaced.

Thiaguinho Oitodois says:

Awesome man. Now I can change mine in case it needs to be changed.

Calvin M says:

Any pro tips on how to change a throttle body on a 2012 impreza

Jan Linden Perez says:

Is that chain cover leak a serious problem?

Zhenghua Yang says:

Great vedio as always. Dealer charged me $800+ to change my 13 outback radiator and hoses few years ago. I wish I knew you earlier!

Larry McMakin says:

Just bought a 2021 Forester last year. I'm loving the car and loving your Subaru videos.

Jenni Ludes says:

Did you replace the radiator hoses or reuse? I noticed you changed the clamps. When in doubt, I usually replace the hoses. Spend a few bucks extra but you're already there so, why not. Thanks for the vid!

bierbrauer11 says:

The draining coolant sound making me need to take a leak…

J P says:

9:17 …oh I've never ever ever done that before!

Emilio G. says:

Nice work. Another Subaru rescued. I used a piece of cardboard to protect the rad fins. I was afraid of denting them. Those QuiK Lube "techs" are animals. Sheeesh.

Courtney Blackwell says:

sweet, another quality job done right!!

Cajun Aggie says:

Easy peazy…… So no transmission coolers to deal with on the newer ones? Makes it a bit less messy.

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