My Brother's Outback Overheated! 2010-2014 Subaru Outback Radiator Replacement! Easy DIY!

My Brother's Outback Overheated! 2010-2014 Subaru Outback Radiator Replacement! Easy DIY!

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Hussain Mohd says:

i just had an issue with the PCV inlet that feeds the water pipe, it sits under the AC compressor on a 14 Forester FB25

i recommend that be replaced too for FB 25 engines

my 253 forester 06 has never had any issues except a radiator replacement

Max Noe says:

I’ve had the coolant conditioner help with external leaks but not with exhaust gases entering the coolant.

Steven Reviews Products says:

Thanks for another great video!!

Exact same failure happened to my 2010 2.5i premium.

All the broken bits were in the top of the radiator got very lucky.

Pandawatch says:

04 sti restoration series, then you doing pulls on the carolinas dirt roads yee haw

Pandawatch says:

just swap the motor jk. this an example if aint broke go ahead and fix it. Aluminum radiator with silicon hoses DUH, RHALLY CAHR! waterpump/thermostat

Robson Braga says:

How much for the Genuine Subaru Radiator? I had to change mine on my 2011 Subaru Tribeca. The dealership wanted to charge me 750 dollars for it. I went aftermarket and changed it myself, which I found a pain in the rear end.

Courtney Blackwell says:

hopefully you have prolonged engine pull and HG replacement until you have more time. keep the videos coming.

Kevin Gallineau II says:

I am a bit surprised my EJ253 has a cast aluminum intake manifold while that one is plastic. However, my 253 has an oil cooler as well which I thought was unique to the manual/turbo models (my '06 Forester is an automatic) so who knows.

Dave Peters says:

I feel a little better about how much I struggle with those little plastic rivets now.

Doug McFee says:

I may to drive daughters down and have someone who know their stuff go through it, great job

trep53 says:

I enjoyed watching that repair! Good job and your brother is lucky your around.

Alan Langley says:

Your such a nice brother for fixing his car.

Greg Lopez says:

Nice video and excellent attention to detail. Any chance you could do a short on who makes the Matco flare nut wrenches. While they only average $20 more a set than the gear wrench if the oem manufacturer sells them cheaper it would be much appreciated.

802 Garage says:

Entire job in 20 minutes on an automatic, but Subarus are so hard to work on. 😉

Delenn Wheeler says:

i might have missed it, but what caused the piece to break on the radiator. was it just age/use. i've watched series and might have missed the cause.

Zhenghua Yang says:

This reminds me paying 800+ to replace my radiator…

Happy Home says:

Hmmm, I've never seen refilling a cooling system with that setup before. What are the advantages that make it worth the cost of the equipment ? Just in case, what is the equipment list ?

Ryan Bissell says:

MrSubaru: Different topic I know, but: Have you ever done a video covering the grinding noise that some WRXs experience when decelerating in-gear from ~35mph? I've searched this topic here a few times, but come up short on good answers. The consensus by internet randoms seems to be that it's just an 'operating as designed' quirk, but I've never come across an explanation from anyone with verifiable bonafides. Even if that noise is 'operating as designed', it would sure be more comforting to know the exact cause of the noise. Mine is a 5-speed 2014. Best example I can find on Youtube of the noise:

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