Installing a BOV on the 2022 WRX – Two Minute Tuesday

Installing a BOV on the 2022 WRX – Two Minute Tuesday

In this video Foster shows you how to install the new Turbosmart Kompact EM Dual Port BOV. This features an electro-mechanical function to relieve boost in your new WRX, delivering better performance, reliability, and sound than your stock BPV. You can find this product on our website below!

Dual Port BOV (2022 WRX)

Plum Back Valve (2022 WRX)

Turbosmart Dual Port Blow Off Valve (15-21 WRX)

Turbosmart Kompact Dual Port Blow Off Valve (15-21 STI)



justchilaxe123 says:

So if I wanted a BOV for my 2021 WRX which would I look for? & are they safe for engine life?


I want it!!

Brendo says:

Why does 2 minute tuesday go for over 5 mins

KING_Cobra says:

Don’t the BOV’s hurt the car? I heard they’re very bad for the wrx

MKS 2020 says:

Would love to see you do a Dyno test of the car to see how much hp it increases.


Interesting that the 22 WRX now has a stock aluminum turbo inlet rather than the plastic one from the previous generation. Good upgrade out of the box from Subaru.

CriticalApe says:

Ayooo 🙂 after install peak boost went from 13.2 to 11. Obviously there’s a lot of variables here but does it seem like a leak somewhere?

The Irish candy man says:

Does this require a tune

wrx_adrian says:

Are you making a Access port video?

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