How to Replace / Remove Front Bumper & Headlight Subaru Impreza 2011-2016

How to Replace / Remove Front Bumper & Headlight Subaru Impreza 2011-2016


Learn how to replace/remove front bumper & headlight on a 2011-2016 Subaru Impreza. This is a simple and easy task, you can a lot of save time and money by doing this project yourself and not loosing your car to a body shop for days.

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Kevin Sheridan says:

Thanks for sharing your knowledge this will help me put my new parts on

D Monk says:

Mine has two things under the headlights that allow me to pull the bumper off about 2 inches than stops it :(. They anchor the bumper to the car

Zisis Soulantzos says:

Thank you for this, broski. Well made video.

gbtayc says:

Are the grills easy to remove and replace?

Sky says:

Thanks this was a good video, great editing too

Richard Pflieger says:

Thanks for this. I am going to pull the bumper on my 12 Impreza to do a proper wet sand, polish my headlamps on a table top followed by applying WeatherTech lamp guards. Plus replacing all the bulbs before I reinstall. My question is are all the plastic clips the same? How many are there total. Part #'s for the clips would be great. I will buy from you if ya can help. Really great Vid. Thank You. I subscribed!


What's up from Kent Washington…


Thanks helped alot…

Jake Ryan says:

Thanks for the vid

jean13byb says:

finally i get to do this on my car watching this video which helped a bunch.thanks for posting.

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