How to Replace Headgaskets on a 2006 Subaru Forester

How to Replace Headgaskets on a 2006 Subaru Forester

Come along as we replace headgaskets on a 2006 subaru forester I purchased at copart



Nicolas Rosado says:

10x easier to just pull the motor. Especially to get the right torque/degree sequence on those OEM head bolts

Mike Frech says:

That "15 or 20 minutes of work" will save you a couple of hours of work and it makes torqueing the heads much easier and more accurate. You can also address possible oil leaks from the rear main seal and the separator plate. It makes for a much better job.

Mario Herrera says:

Nice effort

BornForThis says:

Take the air filter housing out of the engine bay and you'd have room for those bolts to come out

spelunkerd says:

I've watched a few Subaru head gasket videos and this is the best I've found. One guy talked about having to loosen a motor mount to lift up the motor a little to get one of the heads out, but you managed to do the job without doing that. I wonder why that valve was open, maybe a broken spring or bent valve? The timing belt looked new.

Horizon Farming says:

Awesome video! Good to know, since i will probably buy a Subaru in the future. I need a good AWD system where i live.

Andrew Loveless says:

Thank you for posting this!

Radio Rescue says:

Every Subaru of this era will need head gaskets at least once. I've done my fair share. I always pull the engine. It's just easier to do on an engine stand. Don't have to worry about nicking up the head or gaskets

Jake Waseen says:

Keep up the vids

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