How to lift a 98-08 Subaru Forester 2 inches Step by step install

How to lift a 98-08 Subaru Forester 2 inches Step by step install

Looking for the lift kit shown in the video?

In this video, I show how to install an HRG 2″ lift kit on a 2001 Subaru Forester. The procedure shown applies to most Subaru models from this era. I did not realize the camera was pointed toward the ground until I edited the footage, so bear with me on that! I had to improvise quite a bit.
As far as the lift kit giveaway, the contest ends September 14, 2020. Entries are limited to one per person. If multiple guesses are submitted, only the first one will count.

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Braxton Schnurr says:

2 hours an 6 minutes

darkflames1284 says:

thanks for not showing how you mounted the rear strut to the knuckle. this video helped a lot…

vamosdecaceria says:

Did you manage to kill that tyre?

f aydee says:

matic or manual? which is best and reliable?

Agent P says:

The biggest question I have is about damaging the CV axles. Putting a lift on the forester without lengthening the axle will strain the joints wouldn’t it?

jrjrjr says:

any issues with your sway bar end links? Mines snapped so i removed the sway bar altogether but now its a little scary driving over 60 mph

Alexander Hernandez says:

6.5 hours to do the job

swktg47 says:

Any thoughts on strut spacer lifts vs. spring lifts on a Forester? I'm used to old jeeps (solid axles) instead of independent suspensions and I'm feeling way out of my depth here.

Agrijag says:

Any tips for getting the lower bolts for the front strut back in after you put the spacer on? Can't seem to get mine to line up right

EckoEcho says:

for damn sure im buying this

sherck15 says:

What tire size did you go with?

Hugo Jr says:

I have a 2000 Subaru Forester and I am looking for a link or a place where I can buy a 2 inch lift kit

FortuneCarree says:

Making boring stuff informative and funny!
For having lifted my 2004 forester, I would suggest: at least swap your stock springs for some heavy duty springs (they are usually slightly longer 1/2 inch) especially if the plan is to go for some long and serious off road…Also you should stick to touring shock absorbers as it is a well balance combination.
Later find some off set rims if you want to have bigger ratio tyres or it will surely rub bad…

Bryan L says:

great video. thank you for sharing. i just purchases a 2007 Forester turbo. I LOVE it.


Has he answered anyone on where he got that kit from? And if he has.where did he get the kit from?

Coleson Griffith says:

Where can I get a lift liek that?

HorseHead Mike says:

5 1/2 hours

Ashlee Conine says:

I didn't have a problem taking my wheels off to lower mine lol

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