How To Install WRX Brake Calipers On A Forester EASY

How To Install WRX Brake Calipers On A Forester EASY

Finally installing the #WRX brake calipers on the Forester.
Here are the parts used:
I rebuilt mine calipers but you can buy new
Front calipers:
Rear Calipers:
Front pads:
Rear pads:
Front rotors:
Rear rotors:
You will need these adapters to make the rear calipers work on the Forester
The Allen key socket set I like:

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jerardo rojas says:

These videos are so informative. Makes a real difference when a grown man walks you step by step instead of some 20 something year old. Keep making videos i look forward to them.

charlie fruirtbat says:

These 4 pot WRX brakes are so expensive tho
You can get a pair of 4 pot Hilux brakes or landcursier brakes 150 bucks brand new

MrCodyBlair says:

Where did you get the hard wear kit?

Me You says:

Hello I realize this is an old video but I was wondering if the links to the front and rear rotors were the correct size as u said in the video u might have ordered the wrong size?

Futhermucker says:

Is there anything I need to know when buying wheels with these brakes? Thank you for the video, very helpful.

Sneaky Foz says:

Having done this mod on my own 04 XT it really is an awesome mod both in looks and performance upgrade and very cost effective, I chose to source some 06 WRX rear hubs with only 30k miles from a parts wrecker for a proper engineered solution.

hb bastard says:

Hi how you doing I watch your video a lot you have a good videos I was wondering would you be interested in selling your other rims that you took off the 16 inch rims and keep on with these great videos thank you

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