How To Install Subaru Outback Lift Kit (2010-2014)

How To Install Subaru Outback Lift Kit (2010-2014)

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Dogawalk Adventures says:

Will this lift increase my fuel consumption even if I don't use larger tires? Will this lift add additional ware to my axles etc?

Ryan Guffy says:

Is there a PDF document customers can view for installation or is this the only instruction available?

seej333 says:

Is this guide for a Forester or Outback? Or are the suspensions the same for both vehicles. The title says Outback but video shows Forester…

daxton hedge says:

Does it matter if the opening on the subframe is facing towards the inside of the vehicle or the outside

Turd Burger Burglar says:

but why do you not space the front subframe and only the rear? i'm confused.

Stev's Adventures says:

for anyone here who has installed this kit, did everything go smoothly? any surprises? how's the quality of the product?

Gabriel Grenier says:

What size tires will this lift allow for?

Gabriel Grenier says:

What modifications will need to be made to the splash guards for use with the lift kit?

30 Year Vet. says:

Very thorough, thanks for doing this!

Yanngsta Grecovs says:

Where I can find this product??

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