How to install Subaru Forester &Outback seat cover

How to install Subaru Forester &Outback seat cover

How to install Subaru Forester &Outback seat cover



Patrick M says:

This helped tremendously on installing my new car seat covers. Thank you for the video, and some great car seat covers!


at 4:37 on the video what are you hooking the hook to?


What does the hook attach to under the seat?

Duane Dyer says:

The rear seat cover looks like it blocks child car seat latches. Is this true?

Graciela Duran says:

I just got the 2021 forester Touring. It has heated seats for the back seats as well. Would removing the back seat for installation damage the electric component of the seats?


Where can I purchase full cover seatcovers

meseret gebrie says:

It does not work for 2021 forester

Spicy Pickle says:

@LingyueAuto-EKR, when will you release a cover set for the 2021 Subaru Legacy?

Andrew L. says:

Could you please show a more detailed view of 12:0512:39? It’s hard to see and not clear how the strings are tied.

I purchased this from Amazon and was able to install everything except not sure about the part at 12:0512:39.

Andrew says:

Latch child seat compatible? Or do I have to cut the material to secure the child seat?

Sai Anusha says:

I need seat covers for 2020 Subaru Forester where can i find these?

Quinn White says:

How do you get the wrinkles out of the covers? Do they just go away over time?

Maurae Williams says:

Where did you buy these seat covers from ?

Calvin Kwan says:

I don't see one on amazon for the 2015 Forester. I am interested in a Neoprene version.

Cann Doan says:

2020 Forester. The back seat cover, blocks that metal piece that's supposed to snap back in. Help…

myoption100 says:

This Poor Kid Must Be Tired Of Doing This Over And Over

Mimi Traugott says:

I don't see an installation video for a Subaru outback for the neoprene seat covers, is there one?. I ordered through Amazon ORDER # 114-8154749-1909845, and am installing today, and this video is close, but not quite exactly the same.

Legend of the strings says:

Seat covers start at the waping price of $200.. Seems really high for just a seat cover. I'll make my own at that price.

John Cleek says:

Do you loose the back center armrest in 2015 forester

Tony Burgos says:

what brand are those covers and what year car did you put them on?

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