How To Install OEM Subaru Cross Bars | 2018+ Subaru WRX/STi

How To Install OEM Subaru Cross Bars | 2018+  Subaru WRX/STi

Installing the OEM Subaru Fixed Cross Bars on my 2018 WRX. I waited 3+ months for these so I hope it was worth it! As a reminder, these are not compatible with pre-2018 WRX/STi models as these cross bars are fixed, whereas the years prior don’t have the factory mounting points. I think the 2017 models have the factory mounting points but the rubber roof rails/rain gutters will need to be swapped out for the 2018+ version.

Product number: SOA367031

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Frank Porras says:

Do you know what’s the Yakima Might Mounts works for that crossbar?? Thanks in advance.

Julio Garcia says:

Good job it looks better than aftermarket roof racks to me

jptothetree says:

I really appreciate this instructional–very detailed and concise. I just looked at the mounting points on my Impreza's roof (not a WRX, sadly) and I see where I think the mounting bolts insert. I had imagined them being quite deep with lots of bite on the bolts' threads, but I see what appears to be only a relatively thin piece of metal with only a few threads to be had for the mounting bolts…

I'm guessing this is just how it is? Hoping it's strong enough for 2 bikes to be loaded onto them >.<

Gusti says:

I just got non genuine Subaru roof rack and it each side comes with 2 holes, is it me or the ones you installed have only 1 bolt per side?
And please let me ask you something else, did you get to try the bolt by itself in the hole before putting the crossbar? I tried my car’s and the bolt goes in about 1/3 of an inch! I just find that too little for a right support?

Anne Adams says:

How far off the roof are these bars? Trying to decide on stock bars or the universal rhino rack bars.

Fabian Sierra says:

So glad I bought my 2009 OBS with the rack already installed. I take my 40 pound kayak everywhere because of the rack.

Shanee Halevi says:

My local dealer said Subaru doesn't have cross bars for Impreza sedans, only hatchbacks. Did you have problems with that?

Aaron Watts says:

Not sure why my 2017 wrx doesn’t have the open spots to more easily get to it. It does have the mounts but I have to take the entire freaking strip off lol. Might try to come up with a way to maybe do some trimming to fit it around once I install the racks.

Junior says:

Can you get a wind deflector attachment for this rack ?

tony arellano says:

How much did they charge you for shipping ?
Is it free ?

yogabutler says:

Dude your camera angle

Steven Mitchem says:

Do you notice any noise from wind drag?

58unike says:

By any chance do you know the weight rating on these bars?

Paul Rodriguez says:

What’s your wheel set up

Ryan Day says:

Did you have some alignment issues that required a decent amount of force? Just tried to install after watching your video but the fitment seemed slightly off and not willing to slide on

edil y julie Vazquez Diaz says:

Thanks for the demonstration. I need to know the messurements in inches between the right nut to the left nut, Would you check it for me please? Maybe another way of saying is from one side of the rail hole to the other one, on the side (of the same crossbar). Thanks !

Raine Zombi says:

Do these have locks?

Wtf_Allan says:

What did you end up doing with the excess protector tape underneath the mount? Did you just leave it on?

SheridanTank says:

I just got a 09 Impreza sport wagon. I'm a mobile mechanic and have made great use of the space. I'm stoked that I can add a roof rack so easily.

Andrea Casabianca says:

Does any bike rack fit on the one Subaru roof rack. Like would a Thule or rhino rack bike rack fit on?

Payton 509 says:

I’m just wondering how to take it off it came on my car stock 🙁

Andrew Hughes says:

very detailed. Thank you.

Matt L says:

Yeah just got these bars for my dads sti, they were ordered in July when we got the car and they arrived about 2 weeks ago, about when you got yours. I found your vid after trying to make sure we did it right. Didn’t torque them though need a bit driver

Jon Cunanan says:

i just did mine too, my rear feels solid, but i had a hell of a time aligning the holes for the fronts. does yours have a little play? mine doesnt feel like it's going anywhere but just thought it was odd. i read online that its common.

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