How to Install IAG V3 AOS on a Subaru.

How to Install IAG V3 AOS on a Subaru.

This is a video I Have been promising you guys for a while so here it is. Today we are installing the IAG v3 AOS into my 2014 Subaru WRX. Please keep in mind that my installation does differ from IAG’s instructions. The installation on this will be fairly the same for the 2002-2014 Subaru WRX and 2004 – 2021 Subaru WRX STI.

Snag some parts from Biran at the Mod Garage:

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Coolant Line Clamps:
Hose Cutters:
Coolant Line Pliers:
Coolant Funnel:
Subaru OEM Coolant:

Tools For The Garage:
Special Oil Funnel:
Coolant Burping Tank:
3/8″ Socket Seet:
1/4″ Socket Set:
3/8″ Impact Gun:
3/8″ Ratcheting Wrench:
Batteries for those electric tools:
Floor Jack:
Jack Stands:
Gucci Screw Driver Set:
Hook and Pick Set:

Vistas – Tubebackr
Strange World – Tubebackr
Fluffy – Smith the MIster



Gabe Gionet says:

Will I need to get extended hoses for my JDM STI if I have to mount the AOS on the opposite side of the engine bay?

Rafael castillo says:

hey what is the cost of that installation? I need it

Boxer’s or Bust says:

Ok apparently I’m missing something. Granted it’s WRX guts on a EJ257. So it funky. But I have a small hose at the bottom of the manifold that was connected to the PCV check valve. There was a plug on a nipple on the throttle body that I connected the new hose with the check valve. Thoughts? Should I reply that one and connect it to the other one?

James Mendoza says:

Still haven’t installed mine on my 202O Fa but will be attempting soon. Thanks for the video. What will be the major difference for a Fa20 Dit?

Timgeo84 says:

Wondering if using the oem hose clamps would be better? Or is it just a pain the ass to tighten down those pesky things

xXInsan3Xx says:

What happens if you install hoses in wrong locations? Ive watched multiple videos and everybody putting different hoses in different spots. Im in middle of install now and worried hoses are wrong lmao

Bongo Cars says:

Excellent install, I had just finished my AOS install a week prior to your video and could have definitely used your video. But I followed the IAG instructions and it was pretty brutal. You’re right about the Y connector not going on with the hose clamp even though IAG tells you you can. I actually ended up breaking the Y connector trying to get it on and had to order the connector from IAG. I had a spare worm gear clamp laying around so I was able to get it connected with my tiny 1/8 inch ratchet. Oddly enough I didn’t have the 2 blow by connectors. Only the central white connector.

Henry Klarman says:

why did this not come out 2 years ago when I first got my watch

Daniel Sale says:

I cannot find the 2 pcv breathers to save my life

niko says:

My question is, how would the cooling system be bled?

Grioghar Thomas-Baldwin says:

So, I noticed something that experience has taught me at 11:07 – if you put your AOS body too low, the drain tube will fill with oil versus drain back into the block. I realized this was happening with mine and moved it to the highest point, which on my '13, is the lowest 3 bolt holes (again, at 11:07). This still left clearance at the cowl and my intake immediately cleaned up.

Very interested in the 3MI AOS Racing Hose Kit though. That would solve a couple of problems out the gate.

scarfacex17 says:

Hey Tanner I used your V2 AOS video to install my V3 on my 21 STI lol it was headache but well worth it! Still was able to install it with no issues your videos are easy to follow! Keep it up man!

Justino Lopez says:

I know this is a question asked often but you literally need no tune for this street serious AOS correct?

Kenneth Chin says:

Great install video, worth the wait because not many people have install videos on a EJ255.
I really hope we don't have to wait a year and a half for a video on that white Legacy GT Wagon, lol.

shane gonzales says:

Is the install the same for an 05 STI?

Chris Parent says:

Perfect timing. Just got a ‘17 base wrx

Hozza says:

the hose that goes to the block breather…is it at risk of heat where its between the tmic?

Kevin Noon says:

Will your method of setting up the AOS work for the LGT platform? I assume so

Jose breton says:

Hey what’s up bud hope everything is well a couple of weeks ago I sent you a message asking if you would answer any questions of some complications that I may be having with my Crawford AOS. I’m a huge fan of what you do it would be nice to even here no I don’t do answers that’s all God bless stay safe

RedstoneWolf says:

Always wondered what the hell the blow by “sensors” are for. They are literally just to check if it’s the harness is plugged in to the PCV system right? They don’t actually “sense” anything right haha?

RedstoneWolf says:

Maybe it’s a bad idea, but I swear by using worm hose clamps. As long as they aren’t too tight (the rubber isn’t bulging through the angled cuts on the clamp), they seem to do a much better job clamping and sealing from leaks, are easier to remove and install, and are available in many sizes. I have replaced just about every clamp on my engine with them. I hateeee the plier clamps, I have had too many leaks with them, even when they are brand new

Drew Selby says:

This is perfect! I’m hoping to get a 2010-2018 WRX in the next year so I’ll definitely be coming back to this

gilbert Cuellar says:

I have the Cobb air intake with the street series AOS

Drew Thomas says:

I’m a wrong as I understood u don’t have to drain them or is that catch cans?

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