How to install front license plate on your Subaru

How to install front license plate on your Subaru

How to install front license plate on your Subaru



baron gavin says:

Drill and rivet

Brian2A says:

Dealer should never screw into the gawd damn paint. Leave it up to the buyer to decide this. Every new car I have to find one in transit and demand no front plate.

Better in the 80's says:

I just did this last Sunday on my new Forester Wilderness. The mount they sell at the dealerships is kinda flimsy, but it has a couple of options for mounting, including the screws shown in this video. I used the flat tip screws with the included rubber sleeves. They require you to drill small pilot holes, then holes the size of the rubber sleeves. The nut is mounted at the back of the sleeve, and the further you screw in, the sides of the sleeve expand out like a wall anchor. Very secure fit.

Roller Coaster Line Productions says:

I've seen some real butcher jobs on all subaru models….Thankfully Pa doesn't require the front mount plate. I don't know why Subaru puts two other holes in the front fascia of the crosstrek so I bought two painted plugs to plug those ugly holes as well…

Adam F says:

Dealer should do this at time of sale if required in your state. Mine forgot so I bought a holder that screws into the tow hook slot. Looks cleaner and no holes in bumper. Love your videos.

Dave Unknown says:

Would you be able to do a video comapring interior sizes between models? Crosstrek to Forester, Forester to Outback and ect.

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