How to Install a Snorkel on your Forester: Offroad Subaru Build EP11

How to Install a Snorkel on your Forester: Offroad Subaru Build EP11

Today we start the next stage of the SG Forester offroad build by installing a snorkel! Even though the snorkel is not made for a Subaru Forester, after a few modifications we got it to fit. And by using some old parts lying around, we got it plumbed up very cheaply.

The Forester: Built over a few years the 2004 Subaru Forester XS was built to test the limits of what is capable in an early 2000’s Subaru with bolt-ons. Created for overlanding adventures it takes on the hardest offroad trails while having everything for camping. The Forester features: custom interior, rooftop tent, ARB rack with custom mounts, high clearance bumper, winch, Hella lights, transmission cooler, sway bar delete, offroad coilovers, AT tires, Beadlock wheels, overland kitchen and engine and trans skid plates. And to many people’s surprise often keeping up with full-size 4x4s.

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About Chase Schrader: Based in Alberta, Canada, Chase Schrader is a multidisciplinary digital creative that focuses on automotive content. Through his two Subarus, a 2004 STi and 2004 Forester, he actively engages in both the race and overland community. As a community member, he engages with others and looks to further develop it through his networks.

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Ignition Offroad says:

Clean setup man! Nice work

Jacoby Davis says:

Bruh this thing is coming along so nice

Rising sun automotive says:

Can you link where you got this snorkel please

Qinjury says:

Looks good!

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