Fixing Subaru's Mistake | How to Make Your Mirrors Auto Fold 2015+ WRX

Fixing Subaru's Mistake | How to Make Your Mirrors Auto Fold 2015+ WRX

In this episode, I fix one of Subaru’s mistakes – not having the side mirrors on the 2015+ WRX VA fold automatically when the doors are locked. This mod was from Mods Society and will take you 15 min if you are familiar with cars – maybe 30-40 minutes if you aren’t.

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@lionelps8690 says:

Cool, just did this in my 2017 premium. Only hiccup was when removing a plug I knocked the folding mirror button and module to an angle to the button was permanently stuck down, meaning that when I started the car the mirrors would just fold back in again.

5 minute fix to reposition the switch and I'm good to go, thanks for the guide !

@AlexaCappella says:

Would this worked on a XV?

@featherdai6945 says:

@Mr Duong TV, Hi mate, after installation, all functions are working properly. However, the driver's side key for locking all doors is not functioning, while the key for unlocking all doors is working. Is this normal?

@andrewmartinelli4206 says:

ive installed this for some reason the driver's door controls dont work for the front passenger door and the door behind the driver windows anymore but the door switch on the doors work

@babumsouza says:

Do you now if is compatible with Forester 2015 ?

@MsJlem says:

Would this work on a 2014 Impreza?

@kreytonumeres5895 says:

Could make a tutorial for this solution for ascent or evoltis (latin america)

@cozzybro says:

What's with the onlyfans?? (3:50) For the sake of humanity… please don't do it hahaha

@raivengeorge7825 says:

nice hairline

@lakshithaliyanage4029 says:

Just need to install the driver side? what about passenger side?

@babymagic7341 says:

Nice hairline

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