Doing This Will Make Your Headlights Shine Like New Permanently

Doing This Will Make Your Headlights Shine Like New Permanently

Doing This Will Make Your Headlights Shine Like New Permanently

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@scottykilmer says:

Plexus plastic protector:

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@ErichH68 says:

I wish I knew that. Mine are already faded.

@dakotarobert7975 says:

Transmission oil does the same

@Al-bd8hm says:

The rear lights also get sunlight affected, and they look brand new.
I think is air friction the big cause.

@luigipugliese1191 says:

Hey Scotty what u think of Nissan Maxima

@yokanshree4621 says:

I am not trying to by new ones

@sacatolasmoreira5593 says:

So many dumb people in here

@RICHIE_RICH89 says:

Plexus makes good stuff chemical wise we use there products at my work.

@RICHIE_RICH89 says:

Heated acetone will turn that clear

@ericschneider8524 says:

Does this tip come in the owners manual ?

@Cardetailingburnley says:

Just polish them every year or so that’s how we do it in the motor industry it takes about 10 minutes to do

@matthewmacbeath6173 says:

Pretty bad Scotty now your Force selling stuff for chump change that Investments underway

@quigleyclampett6132 says:

Use a can of off with 40 percent deet and spray on headlight and wipe off. You won’t believe how good it works!

@ferencvad8251 says:

Or just buy the new headlights every 7-10 years and you don’t need to spray around. Probably cost the same thing if you can install it yourself

@DobleR70 says:

Wax is also a good alternative

@emmcee476 says:

I've been using the Sylvania restore kit for years. And after a restoration, I install clear protective film. No hazing again

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