Cheap DIY Roof Rack | Factory Roof Rack Install on a Subaru Forester | How To Install A Roof Rack

Cheap DIY Roof Rack | Factory Roof Rack Install on a Subaru Forester | How To Install A Roof Rack

This was definitely the most ambitious project that I’ve done to my car so far but it was totally worth the knowledge gained and money saved! I only did this because I thought that getting a factory roof rack would be easier since it is literally designed for my car, but I was so wrong!



SirSaha says:

And great idea adding the sound cancelling foams

SirSaha says:

Funk. I have to remove the headliner. Bad news for sure. Ugh.

Erin Scottberg says:

Thank you SO SO SO much for this! I recently bought a used 09 Forester and the seller said that he'd removed the original roof rails because his wife didn't like them, after research, I came to the same conclusion as Eric Davis below — the 09 didn't come standard. I bought some factory ones off ebay, though they didn't come with the black trim stuff that fits around the rails, so I just messaged them and asked if they could send that, as well. Thank you so much, I have the courage to try my own, now! And wait, wait is the waterproof sealer thing you used in the new holes? Thanks!

zolboo Ganbold says:

I want to do the same thing. where could i get same roof rails. could you please help me ?

Ripp Snortin' says:

Your friend looked like a pro when he used the screw driver bit as a center punch.

Ripp Snortin' says:

Looks great.

Sara Dorrothy says:

I'm thinking about doing the same thing. I have the rails already but I'm also considering just buying a set of crossbars that would just mount at the fixed points cause this looks like a real pain. What do you think I should do?

Never over says:

Thanks for the video! That looked like a major!!! Pain in the ass. But it looks great!!!

Oh Well... says:

Awesome vid! Cheers on the project!

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