Can't fix it all! '06 Subaru Forester XT has issues the CAR WIZARD doesn't fix. What are they & why?

Can't fix it all! '06 Subaru Forester XT has issues the CAR WIZARD doesn't fix. What are they & why?

Vehicles come to the CAR WIZARD’s 🧙‍♂️ shop with a multitude of issues. This turbo charged 2006 Subaru Forester XT is no exception. What does the Wizard find and what repair does he not get to make?

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lilpoindexter says:

I want to work at your shop, just during your video recording.

Luke Jolley says:

Yeeaaa, greetings from Canada! We love our Subarus here; ya they are quirky but they are so much fun in the snow. I still haven't gotten stuck in my '07 Impreza knock on wood (and we don't even get the roads plowed here in my part of town!).

Kiflam Hurlbut says:

There is a guy in Denver who rebuilds the prop shafts. Ships them at a reasonable price on an exchange basis. They come balanced and repainted. I saved something like $600 over new.

Shahab Siahpoosh says:

These are very cool cars. These turbocharged Subaru engines are not known to have major head gasket issues. Only 2.5 liter naturally aspirated engines between 1999 to 2012 are plagued with premature head gasket failure. Some Subaru turbo engines start burning oil due to the oil ring problem. But besides that, these are very tough engines.

John Doe says:

It also has a McDonald's branded wheel hub lol

John Elliott says:

That is true I have a 2007 Subaru Impreza NA 2.5l

Carlos G says:

The wizard didn't really explain what things they found were wrong with the Subaru. The wizard only said that this Forrester seemed a bit down on power and they were checking the cams for problems. The brakes were done, but that should not effect power output unless they were dragging. Another episode perhaps ?

Geoff Hurley says:

Mr. Wizard, I really admire how you treat your staff with such respect. I'm on my way to check out Magic Mike's channel and I'll be back to watch every video you publish.

That Guy says:

I’m from Central Washington State and the Wizard is correct there are Subarus everywhere here. There were two of this body and color Forester outside my work today.

QuietStormX says:

People should learn about these…Before the Buy or have interest…

Emergency785 says:

Paid breaks!? Man Car Wizard, i want you to hire me! What A Boss!!!

billd66 says:

Subarus are extremely popular here in New England because the AWD is idea in winter. I have a neighbor who has a Forester. I'm guessing it's from the mid 2010s. It seems to be a good car.

Audio Smackdown says:

a suburu leaking oil? No!

Justin Lyttle says:

Meh. I put 85k on my '04 XT, zero problems.

Hotlog says:

I miss when Foresters were more wagon like.

G S says:

Most of the time when I see a subie I think tree hugger or hippie. I am sure the turbo helps in the mountains but only to get to the hippie lettuce a little faster.

Martin Griggs says:

Loved my 2004 Subaru Forester XT, but it started requiring too much work.

Mark Dumagpi says:

These older, 2006 Subaru Forester XT's are currently reliable at this time – it is turbocharged. I would like to own one of these for a daily driver. Anyway, we still needed an all-new buy this, not that video, as well as the next all-new, six used vehicles to buy and/or to avoid video. Thank you very much and keep us updated for the Car Wizard channel.

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