Trying to FIX a BROKEN SEGA SATURN from eBay

Trying to FIX a BROKEN SEGA SATURN from eBay

Hi, here we have a Sega Saturn with no power purchased from eBay. Will it be the internal power supply? Will it be the output capacitors? Or will it be something on the mainboard which has shorted out? Let’s find out.

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Remember that this is just for entertainment and I am not an expert in these repairs. The processes in the video may not be the best way, the correct way or the safest way to fix these things. I do love fault finding and trying to fix broken things, so I hope that comes across in this ‘Trying to FIX’ series. Many thanks, Vince.



Mike Jarvis says:

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adrenna123 says:

Nice and easy fix….. just two points. To discharge a cap, use a light bulb. Just get a larger automotive lamp and connect exactly as you used for the resistor. Then you can see when it's discharged. The other point is don't rely on the diode scale on the meter, rather, use the lowest ohms scale. Every meter has a different "tolerance" to make it beep. It could cause false diagnostic decisions…..

DuckReconMajor says:

Game Over Yeahhh!!!!

William Shinall says:

mx5 is oldschool man, get with the times, and get some mx-7 =op

André Coelho says:

Nice fix. Just for reference, the Saturn can output RGB natively.

Tai Ma Van says:

When this GTA V Sega Mega Drive by Russia

Omega Mark says:

Just for FYI, thermal compound Arctic MX-5 is being discontinued due to quality issues, so you may want to skip that, if you ever need more thermal paste. They are coming out with MX-6 soon. Ever since MX-3, Arctic thermal compound is non-conductive, so it's great for old consoles and classic arcade repairs.

8BitNation says:

The best way to fix the no power issue in the Saturn, Dreamcast and even the PlayStation. Is to just get the Pico PSU mod which is a board that allows for you to use a universal power supply, usually 12v. It’s more power efficient, reliable and your console will run cooler since there is no psu inside.

alan pritchard says:

hi can i send u my ps5 controllers pls

Josh Kelly says:

I laughed when you put the battery cover back on and lifted up the top shell and the cover fell off lol, that is best kind of fix cheap and easy repair

Omega Mark says:

16:57 It's like some kind of Ponzi scheme. Last couple of years US started charging internet tax, even for stuff coming from other countries. Taxation without representation. Now you buy anything used even from eBay is being taxed. If you sell anything over $600 in one year (hello, inflation) you have to submit your tax id. Now you have to pay taxes on something that you have already paid taxes on and that stuff was already yours. It was never like this. No wonder they are trying to get rid of cash… for your convenience (riiiight). Imagine, in the near future, paying a transaction fee to buy a stick of gum smh.

Ken says:

Great video! Would you be interested in selling this? I'd love to pay a decent price for something fixed on My Mate Vince and I've always wanted a Saturn

Ben Vasquez says:

Awesome fix Vince. I never owned a Sega Saturn and always wondered what the intro looked like. Now I want one. Great Video.

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