Tim’s Garage Episode 18: Saturn Sky SMC Fender Crack Repair

Tim’s Garage Episode 18: Saturn Sky SMC Fender Crack Repair

When I first acquired my Sky Redline, I managed to discover very early just how LOW these cars actually are. Day 1 of ownership, a speed bump in Vegas impacted the driver’s side fender and destroyed the bottom. In this episode, I lay out the steps to successfully reconstruct the fender by repairing all of the cracks. The process is simple but time-consuming and anyone with some basic hand tools should be able to repair one of these fenders. You will need to have the fender refinished and I was very fortunate to have my technical expert coworker, Chris Harsh, paint my fender while I was travelling on business. I truly appreciate you Chris, Thank You!
Please understand that these fenders “resemble” fiberglass but are NOT FIBERGLASS. They are made from something called Sheet Molded Compound (SMC) and require unique repair methods to ensure a durable repair. Follow along and you can see just how simple these are to repair, when you are not able to find a replacement.

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jamesmlabrecque says:

Hello Tim
I really enjoy your work.
I purchased the fusor 152 10.1 oz fusor 700 and extra tips and cant find the dispenser.
Would you mind sharing where you purchased the dispenser?

Andrew Altenbach says:

I always appreciate Ken repairs he always seems to have a practical and very good repair that can be accomplished at home

splashplan bike says:

I have a crack as well but it’s so small you have to get down, not noticeable from standing at all. I’ve thought to just leave it as is in place and it’s just my perfectionism to fix it. Will the material weaken or get worse as it ages?

Mike Atwell says:

Looks good. So how do you like the big wheel turbo? Tuned for it yet?

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