The ReSaturn PSU: A Modern Replacement SEGA Saturn Power Supply

The ReSaturn PSU: A Modern Replacement SEGA Saturn Power Supply

Today on Total Repair we explore the options for replacing your SEGA Saturn’s power supply and take a look at the ReSaturn PSU. Thanks for watching!

ReSaturn eBay Listing:
Rexus’ Website:
US AC Adapter:

Example Pico PSU for the Saturn:
RetroPSU Indiegogo:
RetroPSU GitHub:



Achoo says:

A great walkthrough, and great product. I bought the PS1 version from the same guy, quality stuff

Densetsu seiya says:


Domanic Williams says:

I ordered mine from Ebay it's a v2 ya my old psu was totaled this one is awesome

VTnumb says:

Isn't this just a converter? I mean you bought the actual power supply off amazon…

Peter Malek says:

Did you find any heating issues on your resaturn? Just got one and installed it. Same model Saturn as in your vid and got the same power adapter. Once installed, the console only comes on half the time and when it does, the PSU very quickly smells like burning.

Edge-of-Sanity says:

Thanks for this vid, was reassuring. My Saturn died so I bought a refurbed one with a new disc array and resaturn board/PSU (here in the uk) glad to know it's of good quality.

Ricardo Magallanes says:

I am trying to do the same test you attempted on 5:00 but I am getting 0 volts on everything. The AC adapter also registered 12 volts as you did. Any suggestions on what I could be doing wrong?

Spoofy Zapps435 says:

Dug yr vid man super helpful, thank u dawg !

solidunit says:

The AC connector on the original was damaged… ditch the entire power supply? That makes no sense, especially when the rest of the power supply looked to be in perfect working order. Did it not work? Why not just source a replacement for the AC connector piece?


Now if there was one made for the N64, after market psu are really bad. Had one almost fry my N64

zbtnot says:

Thanks for sharing this info. I ordered mine the other day for a Japanese Model 2 system, I can't wait to install it.

Edd Horse says:

Also bought this two weeks ago, waiting for Fenrir now too, good times, thanks for the video

Chris says:

Secret Switch if you're reading this you need to take a look at this PSU again, the Dreamcast version was dissected on Twitter and there's some serious concerns about its quality, especially ripple and its complete dependency on the external brick as to whether it works well or not.

Chris says:

Bought this last week and installed it today. Works flawlessly, installation a breeze.

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