Sega Saturn Emulator Yabause How to Install and Run

Sega Saturn Emulator Yabause How to Install and Run

Note: Emuparadise no longer has roms due to Nintendo’s lawsuit against emulator websites posting NES roms. If you want to find a safe site to find arcade roms, you best search on Google, and look up FAQs and see which sites are safe.
On website, I have a complete list of emulator videos from arcade emulators to console emulators.
You will need the following.

1. Yabause Emulator. Site: Https://
2. Yabause Bios Site Go to Google and Google Yabause Bios
3. Roms. Go to Google and type in Sega Saturn roms.


A. Download the Yabause emulator, and Yabause bios.
B. Make a directory on your hard drive and unzip the Yabause emulator and put the emulator into the directory. Select the Sega Saturn BIOS v1.00 (US) bin, and it in the Yabause emulator directory.
C. Start the Yabause emulator by double left clicking on the Yabause application file.
D. Click on the toolbar icon and go to the general icon. Go to the bios … , and select the bios file that you downloaded. Also click on CD-ROM in general and click on ISO-file Virtual Drive.
E. Go to the toolbar and select input, and configure the controls. Configure the game pad and light gun.
F. Get the zipped rom file, and open it. Then, put it in the Yabause emulator directory and make a sub directory called roms. Dump the rom into this directory. Also make another subdirectory for the game, because for the game there is a BIN and ISO file. Put both in that game directory. For example Thunderblade directory will hold those files.
G. To start the emulator go to file and click on open ISO. Select the ISO file, and it should run.

Not every single game will run, so there is a compatibility chart for the game, it is here

If the games aren’t compatible, they can start initially and just hang. Other times, the game will just go to a menu screen, and you can’t run the game no matter what you do.

If the emulator is having compatibility issues with Windows 10, try using Virtualbox and install Windows 7 on it. Then, install Yabause in the Virtualbox shell. This will ensure 100% compatibility for this emulator.
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Ringo Chan says:

the joypad cannot function well, start button and others ok but direction cannot run. please help, thanks

Sabino Massaro 2001 says:

Do i really need a CD drive for this Sega Saturn emulator?

Another Lane says:

Did everything as you said, but instead of the game there was a screen with some weird playlist audio tools which says "Disc unsuitable for this system"(

The Poor Old Soul says:

"Can't initialize Yabause"


For some reason Rayman is so slow! What's the best settings for a low end pc?

Geminin667 says:

Thunder Force V. You have good taste I see

Shadow Man says:

segata sanshiro runs fine but the sound and music really isn't playing right, when he talks its fine but when music plays it seems distorted.

ForeskinJohn says:

im stuck in bios, no matter what disc i try to load, what the hell is this?

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