Saturn Timing Chain Replament Ecotec

Saturn Timing Chain Replament Ecotec

This video describes how to replace the timing chain, guides, tensioner, and oiler on an GM ecotech engine. This is a complete job for a 2.4L ecotec in a 2008 Saturn VUE.



marc wilken says:

Thank you Brother

Mike Potter says:

How did you know to replace the timing chain? Would a car crank but not start if timing chain was loose or broken? I am troubleshooting and I was convinced it was spark plugs and valve cover gasket since I had oil in the plug wells. Unfortunately I didn't look at the chain while I was in there. needless to say, after replacing gasket kit and plugs, still won't start, but does crank.

Raul Sanabria says:

Yo lo Estoi asiendo en una Saturno 2008 partió las gias y brinco el tiempo

Malak Mr.820 says:

Next time you do a video you need better lights I can hardly see anything that you're doing and I'm working on the same vehicle needing to change the timing chain only watch videos of vehicles I have never worked on to give me tips and tricks to easily do things that might give me a headache that I did not know before I run a diesel performance shop I don't often work on other vehicles but when I do it's nice to be able to see what the hell is going on when I watch a video

MrMagnuminium says:

I was stoked. Than one of the first things you said made me think you were a tard. The hell I'm going to take advice from a guy who believes in imaginary friends.

Steve Jennings says:

How many miles was on the car when you changed the chain

Jakes24O6 says:

So I cannot get my valve cover off due to the engine cherry picker bracket being in the way. It also seems like the can shaft closest to the firewall has a gear in just the right position to get in the way. How do I take that engine cherry picker bracket off

Todd Kosowski says:

Thanks….i actually spoke with them and gave them my VIN….for a 2008 Saturn vue with a 2.4 he told me I needed…

Todd Kosowski says:

Any idea of the correct part #? This seems to be a big mystery. I even called the dealer and GM specialty tools…

Todd Kosowski says:

Do you absolutely need the camshaft locking tool for this job? I see another video of 2 wrenches being used to hold the camshafts. If so what is the correct part #? Thank you

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