Saturn S-Series Inner & Outer Tie rod Replacement

Saturn S-Series Inner & Outer Tie rod Replacement

Today we go through the process of installing a new inner and outer tie rod on a 2002 Saturn SL2 This process will also work on any S-Series Saturn.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed mechanic and the knowledge I have is purely from research into different problems I have been trying to resolve. As this is a major procedure for this vehicle, I will not be responsible for any damage or other mishaps that might incur should you decide to pursue this repair after viewing this video. This video is intended to be for informational purposes only.



Olena Erhardt says:

Original Inner TR head is covered w/white plastic sleeve (2003 Chevrolet cavalier). Should I cut it off, or just apply the wrench around it? How was it torqued down w/that sleeve? Thank you for the film.

Olena Erhardt says:

Do you need to apply any lubricant inside of the boots (where they contact with the IT Rod)? For rubber protection. Something like Red Rubber Grease or Silicon Grease. Thank you for the film again, really good and informative.

Olena Erhardt says:

Could you tell what did you add on the thread of the inner tie rod before installation?

Angel Rivera says:

You are awesome guy put more videos about evac large lick is very expensive at a chop

Wil Mil Man says:

Appreciate your time and info on the inner tie rod!

TheRdrabit says:

i started watching this video JUST to see how you cut off the inner ring….

Bryan Pocock says:

Great video thanks for the help!

William Mastrangeli says:

Thank you for the video, I think I am having a tie-rod issue on my Saturn and now I know that the process isn't too hard to do by myself.

Chris Todd says:

You should see my latest OOPS on my Saturn…it could be a Darwin Award

DeAndra Windom says:

wanted to ask if the part where the tie rod end screw in at is stripped wat is it that I need to replace the part where it's stripped at

Zach Truitt says:

Thanks! Incredibly helpful. I got under my 96 sc2 and didnt know about the plastic cover over the grooves to remove it…. after about 20 mins i gave up not know in it needed to be slid back :/ fortunately the sound i was hearing only came from my outer but its good to know how to change the inner!


Are they all the same to change,because I have a sc2 the 3 doors one I need to change mine..

robb benedict says:

what size and model is that tie rod tool?

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