Saturn Overdrive Installation on a Willys Jeep

Saturn Overdrive Installation on a Willys Jeep

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Today we’re adding some extra gearing to the CJ-3B by installing a Saturn Overdrive unit to the back of the Dana 18 transfer case.

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Allan Wagner says:

It’s been awhile how do you feel about the transfer case?? I would think it’s fantastic

hiro una says:

こんにちは、日本で拝見しています。当方willys mbにオーバードライブを取り付けようとしています。あなたの動画が非常に役にたちました。本当にありがとう。これからもいろいろな動画を期待しています。このチャンネル登録しました。

Aaron Harris says:

Will this work with a t90 with a 3 speed also??

Kenneth Miller says:

I am asking this question because I don't know and I am curious is there a adapter plate that you can use your willies transmission create in Chevy V8 engine do you know if not that's OK I would just like to know I was curious I have a chance to get To get me a 1947 Willy's but it does not have an engine transmission but no engine so I was thinking of a small Chevy version eight motor if you could please let me know I would appreciate it thank you very much

Tanzer figueroa says:

Nice presentation , like the comparison of numbers ! Great JOb

Fred Monroe says:

Great camera work.

Luis Angel Media says:

Hello there. My father likes watching your videos and wants to know what state are you located?

Dave Van Atta says:

did you change ring and pinion gears by chance ? Ty

Matt Dunlop says:

Another great video, your camera angles and lighting were perfect, and I can say yes to all the questions at the beginning lol… such an elegant solution, great explanation. looking forward to more!

Seven Bar Salvage says:

Excellent video and explanation! I’m gonna be installing and overdrive in the next few weeks, I appreciate the video!

Allan Wagner says:

That’s fantastic you just double your gears in your transmission what a great idea I say install video buddy

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