Saturn ION Front End Clunking MOST COMMON FIX!

Saturn ION Front End Clunking MOST COMMON FIX!

Today I will address a very common issue with the Saturn ION Sedan and Coupe as well as other GM Delta platform cars such as the Chevy Cobalt. In the video I show what the 2 most common problems are that cause this noise/clunking and how they create that sound so you can have a better understanding of what is wrong with your car. I also show clips of the sound so you can compare. Thanks for watching and let me know if this was a helpful video in the comments and feel free to ask questions!



Yves Cote says:

I have the same problem too I checked and everything seems fine I know I need new struts too but I really like your video and not only is it annoying it can be embarrassing cuz if I could hear it everybody could hear it

Jacob Harwood says:

My car has a bad strut on the driver's side. Though I have noticed clunking when I go over bumps too, so I'll check into this

joe boden says:

Your video is exceptional on Saturn
Because not many Videos are on Saturn maintenance"
Enjoy your expertise, because I own a Saturn….

Ennio savini says:

2008 vue redline, cluncking rattling noise on the passenger side driving me crazy will look at it to see if that is the problem

Harrison Hardcastle says:

What about clunking in the rear end

Michael Williams says:

Yeah I have a 2005 Saturday ion 5 speed.absolutey makes no clunking on perfect pavement,but super clunks when running over small bumps..sounds like the car is falling this video sure showed me what the real problem is..thank you very much..

Josh Fogelson says:

It was the control arm on mine

Alan Schwartz says:

Yes. I found the same problem and solved it with Moog urethane bushings. Now BE AWARE, there are several (3 I believe) sizes of sway bars. BE SURE you get the correct size by measuring yours. It's really not a hard job. I could have used an extra elbow joint between my wrist and my elbow.

Michael Rommens says:

Really great job on the video, going to try this fix this week. Very much appreciate it!

Tisha Baldwin says:

How to move the dashboard back to mile

J Wingfield says:

Thank You Sir , pain in the ass 2000 SL2 Def Worth the watch

Minasse Kebede says:

Thank you so much, you are a lifesaver.

NinjaPooop says:

Would you happen to remember the torque for the mounts?

amanda04011 says:

I have a 2004 Saturn Ion with front end clunking noise as well. So far I replaced steering shaft, wheel bearings, and one control arm/ball joint assembly(getting second one done next week) I figured with all that being fixed it should atleast sound a little better over bumps but I'm still hearing it on Both sides….I suppose I'll have to wait till I get second one on to really know if it's fixed but I was wondering if I'll end up needing my sway bar done too? Just thinking maybe I should have them do it at same time. After watching this though now I have something else they can look at.

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