Saturn Ion Chev Cobalt Steering Shaft and Rack Replace

Saturn Ion Chev Cobalt Steering Shaft and Rack Replace

How to replace the steering rack and shaft on a Saturn Ion.



Experience With Me says:

Thank you my friend

loganator78r says:

So the steering shift that connects to rack and pinion can only go on one way? But the other end of shaft that connects to steering wheel can be put on multiple ways?

The Royal Crowned Tiger says:

Loving the meowing cat.

Kev Dogcle says:

The steering rack and shaft need to be replaced. If you notice that your steering is a lose wheel. Your steering should be tight and firm as you drive. And if your driving at a fast speed. You constantly have to hold the wheel tight and correct your steering to avoid drifting left or right. This is signs if a failing sterling rack or shaft. Or a broken or worn stabilizer bar or sway bar

Kev Dogcle says:

Very informative vedio. You cat mechanic help saying dad let me help you.

t-bone walker says:

What does that play in the intermediate steering shaft feel like. A lot of Cobalt's are having trouble with a plastic gear in the main column where the power steering is.. Is there a test to know the difference?

blueyedxy1 says:

torque to what?

John Taki says:

Do you happen to know what the torque specs are for the rack?

doug musgrove says:

Mechanic cat mechanic cat

eddie davidson says:

Works for me! Great video.

Ed milewski says:

I have to ask do you need to have rack and pinion that you replaced reprogrammed after replacement like you did..cus I want to change mine out but some say something has to be programmed but I don't see why?

Aj Januszkiewicz says:

I should be able to do this job after seeing this video looks ez enough ill give er a go tomarow

Justin Caouette says:

Anyone done this on a Cobalt and had trouble getting the rack to clear the transmission mount?? Realllly don't want to drop the sub frame but it almost seems impossible without doing so..

mat dahl says:

My car will no longer turn. Right but turns left, the steering wheel is very loose when turning right and won't turn the wheels. I think it's the rack and pinion I removed the stearing shaft and that seems fine… Any opinions on why this is happening?

Eric Melo says:

Great video. Watched this 1 last summer for the steering shaft and today for the rack. Lack of hydraulics makes this so rasy. Thank you!!

Carlos Danger says:

Thank you!!

William Rowe says:

Any chance you can let me know those torque specs? I need em for inner and outer tie rod, as well as intermediate shaft. Am not replacing the rack. I would be greatly appreciative

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