Saturn 1.9 head gaskit replacement

Saturn 1.9 head gaskit replacement

Saturn 1.9 SOHC TB head gaskit replacement procedure work coments.



@jamesmangum7614 says:

How long did it take you start to finish?

@rjjames4501 says:

Just picked one of these up with a bad head gasket, thanks for posting a good video on it!
02 sl1 140k miles coolant in oil, no start. Felpro kit was on sale and $69 shipped to my. With head bolts.

@mcscheck2000 says:

Good job, but I don't understand why you took the timing cover apart…

@coupelikeacaravan says:

Great tips, I know, I took the alternator off and I regretted it instantly

@Devo1987 says:

Do you have a link for a new cam for 1998 Saturn sl1 SOHC ?

@jessicaripley5654 says:

Dude looks just like mine and RAN PERFECT! Fuck every one who talks shit..the problem is/was YES they burnt oil and no one checks there oil and every one knows what happens when run low/out of oil..if you check your oil and keep her fed I know people with well of 800k on engine still going strong

@Devo1987 says:

How hard it this job ?

@PandaArmy-fy5zh says:

Fun to watch.

@kam.p5256 says:

Hey how'd everything go afterwards on this car?

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