Replace hub assembly wheel bearing 2007 Saturn Ion

Replace hub assembly wheel bearing 2007 Saturn Ion

How to replace change install remove repair fix wheel bearing hub assembly 2004 2005 2006 2007 Saturn Ion step by step labor guide tutorial axle nut torque specs included how to remove brakes. Done in real time. I believe Chevrolet Cobalt and Cavalier are the same story. Whole tire has play and wobble. Growling humming noise while driving especially high speeds and turning.

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Torque specifications and socket sizes provided on lots of our how to tutorial and step by step videos.

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Mike Smith says:

You forgot to put the metal gasket back on there so it'll go out a lot sooner with out that on there so I'd that was a costomers car when they bring it back to you make sure you do it for free part and all being it was yoyr fault it went out again.

Mike Smith says:

When your cleaning the surface with the wire wheel put on a face mask or tie a Towle around your mouth and nose so you don't breath it in and couch like he did because it can't be goid to breath that rusty dust in fact it probably is detrimental to your lung health

Dodgee_Doo says:

Must be nice! I'm on day 4 of trying every method out there and I'm only 1/4" out on my 04 Saturn Vue. Illinois winters were not kind to this bearing.

ASTRO says:

What’s the reason why you’re changing them? Was there something wrong with them or it just need to be changed?

Justin Bond says:

Did you forget that plate? After all that work with the wire wheel? Lol
I don’t think that’s very important though.

Max says:

Hey man! Currently needing to take care of this on my Ion. Would you recommend replacing both hub assemblies?

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