If the Super-Saturn (J1407 b) replaced Saturn. #space #saturn #j1407b #cosmoknowledge

If the Super-Saturn (J1407 b) replaced Saturn. #space #saturn #j1407b #cosmoknowledge


Hi there says:

What's the music name

مشاعل محمد says:

That’s cool

FBI says:

"aight' let's do it"

Hamborgor says:

No it would actually look much smaller due to the space in between the planets

XPSnova says:

It be like watching all day

REDSTONE1920 says:

The world record the tiniest planet and the big ring

Pooja Baruah says:

Everyone on earth : Yay this is such a lovely da..(dies from a meteor shower)

Aoi Yuto says:

"Mom why theres too many shooting stars"

Eric A. says:

It would be substantially smaller than that. Though notably larger than our moon

Bong Palafox says:

People: what a nice view!!!
Meteors has joined the chat

DaisyC says:

Really beautiful and the music makes it better and makes me feel less frightening the fact that meteors would probably destroy the human civilization in a year or two. #Dinosaurs2.0

?Someone ? says:

And it would change Earths temperature

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