How To Replace The Door Speakers On A Saturn Ion

How To Replace The Door Speakers On A Saturn Ion

Hey guys, Since the Jeep has been perfect with no issues, I have been finding and repairing little things around the Saturn, and of course, I’m creating videos so I can share my experience. I decided to make this video for anyone who needs help with their speakers.

Skar Audio FSX65-4 6.5″ 300 Watt 4 Ohm Loudspeaker,

Metra 72-4568 Speaker Harness for Selected General Motor Vehicles

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erick guevara says:

Keep posting more ion videos for the backstage seats speakers

M. David says:

The speakers on my 2006 are flawless, idk what it is or how they did it but my wife drives a 2018 Honda HRV and my speakers sound better. Or as you said it might be the natural acoustics of the vehicle.

C Wheels says:

I wish I could say that the negative and positive DO matter, but when putting a new head unit in, I did test negative to positive and positive to negative on wires that go to the speakers and didn't notice any difference. I wired the adapter the "correct" way regardless.

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