How to Replace Rear Shock 2007-2009 Saturn Aura

How to Replace Rear Shock 2007-2009 Saturn Aura

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This video shows you how to install shocks on your 2007-2009 Saturn Aura. Shock absorbers help your vehicle stay stable and safe. Signs of worn out shocks are knocking or bumping noises, loose handling, or a bouncy or bumpy ride. The typical service life of a shock absorber is 50,000 miles, depending on conditions. TRQ shocks and struts are engineered to fit your vehicle perfectly.

This process should be similar on the following vehicles:
2007 Saturn Aura
2008 Saturn Aura
2009 Saturn Aura

Tools you will need:
• 13mm Socket
• 14mm Socket
• 17mm Socket
• 19mm Socket
• 21mm Socket
• 1/2 Inch Air Impact Gun
• Swivel
• Torque Wrench


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Saturn Aura 2007-2009 1st Generation:

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@TRQ says:

√ Watch the Video

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@sirmaxwellvonfleckenstein5376 says:

Thanks mate! Will give this a go with some Monroe shocks.

@Kjgairborne says:

Good Job, but geez that's a lot of rust!

@notmyname731 says:

My new duralast shock didn't come with the shock mount instead came with a bunch of other bushings and washers the shock itself appeared to be the same though I just re used the old mount am I good?

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