How to fix Transmission Code P0752 (09 Saturn Outlook)

How to fix Transmission Code P0752  (09 Saturn Outlook)

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NOTE: The Transmission controller must be programmed!

ACDelco 24275868 GM Original Equipment Automatic Transmission Control Valve Body with Transmission Control Module

ACDelco GM Original Equipment 10-9395 Dexron VI Automatic Transmission

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Alonzo WIisdom says:

What's the name of the electrical wrench and the extension? Thank you

Ishy says:

Bryan, 2008 GMC Acadia 180,000 Miles. I had the transmission rebuilt about 8 months ago. Drove just fine for about 5 months. Then it started going into Limp Mode after driving it and getting it warmed up. I can pull over and let it cool a little and then it would do fine until warmed again. I took it back to the Transmission shop and they kept it over a week trying to repair it. They told me that it really isn't the P0700 and P0752 that's the problem but that a Ground wire or a Connector Plug not seating or that a wire was broke, somewhere. I checked everything on the Acadia as far as connectors and found nothing. I then took it to my local mechanic and after 5 days he said that it was the Solenoid (P0752) causing this limp mode problem. He told me to take it to another Transmission shop and get them to diagnose it. I have not done that yet as I am tired of putting money into this Vehicle. The only other code I have got is a Catalytic efficiency problem. Which cleared up with a cat cleaner and one new Oxygen Sensor. Also, I have replaced, Brake Pedal Switch, cleaned Throttle Body and Mass airflow sensor, after this problem started. After cleaning these two things, it ran about two weeks and did fine. Then here we go again with limp mode. I’m lost and so are the transmission rebuilder and the Mechanic. Any ideas you can think of that we are missing? Sorry so long but after watching this video I was very impressed with your knowledge and thought maybe you could help. Thank You – Ishy –

James J says:

Great info, but who reprograms the TCM?

Harris Industries says:

You can't just replace the bad solenoid, you have to get whole new TCM?

Ishy says:

Thanks Bryan !!

Morris Frankd says:

Thank you BRYAN, I have a 08 Saturn Outlook with this problem, and this video was so helpful to me. How can I contact you with more fix solutions for my 08 Saturn.?

stuperprohero says:

Bryan, this is by far one of the most informative to the point tech videos out there. Thank you for all you do! My 08 Equinox is only triggering this code once in a great while and it gets stuck in 2nd gear. If I turn it off and clear the code all is good for another who knows how long(days, weeks). I would think being random in my case that it may not be the TCM since it doesn't stay stuck on. These problems are tricky to diagnose. Thanks again for a QUALITY video.

Greg Thomasjr says:

What is the full name of the controller?

Jacob Johnson says:

Did you torque these using the alldata/GM recommendations or just snug them?

Stefanie Johnson says:

I got a p0752 code on my 2008 Saturn outlook would this be the part I need to purchase and replace? The transmission fluid is clean and full, no leakage whatsoever. PLEASE HELP ME! I’ve been told it will cost some where around 2000 to get fixed in shop and I do not have that.

Aaron Cosner says:

Thanks for a quality video, man. Had the same codes/issue on our '08 Acadia. I didn't replace the entire TECHM, just the laminate discs and o-rings, but this walk-through was super helpful.

Deyo Official says:

Where’s your shop located? I have an 08 outlook doing the exact same thing.

Steve Griffith says:

Why don't you save a bunch of money and rebuild the pressure switches???.

Leonardo Cervantes says:

I can’t find the video where you program it

Maurice Ross says:

What's the name of the song ? Lol

Bx Bully says:

Thanks you didn't mention the main thing tho.. How much it cost

David Trost says:

Bryan Thank you. My 07 Outlook eventually shifts into ever gear, but often shutters to get there. Do you think that if I just replace the pressure switches? Would that require reprogramming?

Markus Romero says:

So how did the pre program module come out did it work? Or did you have to program it yourself

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