how to change the clutch on a 03 saturn ion

how to change the clutch on a 03 saturn ion

just another diy video to help some people out there who might need it. please like comment and subscribe.



Jordan z says:

Quick question, my ion had the same problem with the slave coming apart, I put two additional new ones in and upon bleeding the system, each one blew again, any clue or helpful tips on where to look?

Isaac Dinardo says:

This video helped tremendously thanks man, quick and easy once you know what you’re doing, I actually had to do an engine swap, dropping the tranny first was necessary

Brian Peachy says:

dose this work on a auto trans

Zy Official says:

My 2004 Saturn ion want go into gears in I don’t know what’s the promblem

Shakerhood69 says:

Nice work my friend.

Eduardo Uribe says:

fuck wit the vids keep it g

J.R. Young says:

Best no BS walkthrough of Saturn clutch replacement on YT. I thought I could leave the rack on the subframe and you proved it. I'm doin this job on the ground now. You got a subscriber! Thx!

Tj Orum says:

Whats the flat rate labor time?

Richard Rogers says:

Awesome video!!! Straight to the point 🙂

David Koloc says:

Say I'm miffed about something right out'a the gate… I'm curious if you could tell me how my two shift cable adjuster/ends come off of the balls-stems on the (3 position) lever housing on top of the transmx housing? One video shows clips being removed from them but mine have entirely sealed (yellowish) rubber ends. Is it safe to assume they simply pop/pry off with simultaneous and equal pressure upward on both sides of them or is there some kind of special tool. Don't wanna break stuff and add costs/work to the task. Any advice is welcome & appreciated. Gratefully, David Koloc

David Koloc says:

Thanks man. Learned more about what I needed to know from your 6 minute video than the hour long one I just watched. Have no lift so I'm gonna give changing my thrust bearing and clutch plate a try on the deck with just jack stands and a prayer or two. Wish me and my old knees luck.

R.a. Wheeler says:

Good job man. That's quite involved. I guess if you work on these things a lot it's not too bad. But yeah good deal.

Aubrey Isaacs says:

"Bolts"…. im doing mine now on 07 ion, thanks for the video

Rogaciano Real says:

How much it's a job like this?

Person Person says:

Wish I had a car lift! My girlfriend's clutch just went out, and this job is extensive! Thanks for the video.

Cheryl McCray says:

So handsome ❤️ great job

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