Cancer New Moon 7/5 & Saturn AND Neptune Retrograde✨It ALL Works Out, Because…Karma Is Balance!

Cancer New Moon 7/5 & Saturn AND Neptune Retrograde✨It ALL Works Out, Because…Karma Is Balance!

Welcoming July! Time to surf the energetic waves… it’s time to reevaluate, reconsider and recalibrate. The Karmic auditor SATURN, stations retrograde on 6/29, with Neptune stationing retrograde on 7/2. This is pulling SO MUCH FOCUS onto where it has been fuzzy, unclear. Well, good news: clarity is coming in, but not without the challenges we all have to face, and the chances we all have to take! Karmic retribution is on the docket. The New Moon on 7/5 is right at home in the cozy sign of The Crab, Cancer. Expect to feel ALL the feels at this New Moon, and this whole month! Remember: lead with love, and align with what feels right & true for you, but stay kind and compassionate. Set intentions, and stay positive. *Through the signs at the end* #newmoon #cancernewmoon #newmooncancer #astrology #astrologer #psychic #astrologyreadings #capricorn #cancerseason #intuitiveguidance #intuitivereading #healing #energy #manifestation #awareness #allsignsreading #lisasalvatore

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@kathrynterlikowski7302 says:

Thank you Lisa! I’ve already been dealing with increased stress and doing everything possible to reduce it. I now know that I will need to continue my self care routine. ♥️♥️

@stoked50 says:

if i have pisces asc at 20 will I be affected by the saturn retro?

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